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Night World, No. 1 by L.J. Smith
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Mar 03, 2010

really liked it
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Read in March, 2010

Secret Vampire:

I like the first book. It was pretty good. I liked the main character, Poppy. I think she was the most developed out of all the female characters in this book. She had more of a personality. I liked how she was so lively and happy all the time. :) I liked James too. He sounded pretty cuute and I loved how much he cared for Poppy. I feel sorta weird about their relationship though. I think it wasn't developed all that well. I wanted to know who close of friends they were and how their friendship was like. But overall, I really enjoyed it.

Daughters of Darkness:

This was probably my least favourite out of the book. But it's not bad at all though; just a bit boring in parts. The best thing about it, was of course: ASH! He was my favourite out of all the male characters in this book. He was just awesome as & had a great sense of humor. Mary-Lynette just annoyed me a little, but I thought their relationship was cute. :)


This was probably my fave. It was always interesting, kept you turning pages, and the characters were lovable too. Eric was awesome, but sometimes just a tad annoying, but he was so sweet in some parts. It made me say 'aww!' Blaise was cool. ^^ Thea was pretty cool too. I just loved the whole idea of it, and the plot. And how Blaise tricked them in the end to make them think Thea had lost her powers. The only part I didn't like was when they found the body; when a picture came into my mind it was just... gross. *shudders* But other than that, I absolutely loved it.


So overall, I really recommend this book & I'm looking forward to reading the others.

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Regan ♥ Aha, Ash was totally awesome. :D Oh and I definitely will check it out!

Regan ♥ Dana wrote: "I like Daughters of Darkness. It's the best out of the three for me. That's because of Ash. :)"

Ash is awesome. ;)

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