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What Curiosity Kills by Helen Ellis
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Mar 03, 2010

it was ok
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Read from April 25 to May 11, 2010

Lately it seems that when it comes to books published by Sourcebooks and me it's either a hit or a miss, and sadly enough What Curiosity Kills was the later of those two.

When What Curiosity Kills first landed in my hands I'll admit that I squealed a bit...well maybe more than a bit. The cover was stunning, the premise seemed intriguing, and Ellis's wrote a highly acclaimed novel prior to this, leaving this book to have endless possibilities of amazing coming my way, so I dived right in, eager to see if this book leaved up to my expectations.

And at first it did. The characters, while never fully developed, still had my full attention, as did the plot. Though as What Curiosity Kills continued it also started to loose my attention bit by bit with every passing chapter, leaving this to ultimately be a book I had trouble finishing.

Don't get me wrong, I did like the characters. Mary, a girl who has never truly felt at home in her own skin, especially with her new ability, was someone who I rooted for in many different situations. Since from her getting the boy of her dreams to overcoming her abilities there truly wasn't a time when I didn't want her to get the best of both worlds. Also I truly felt sadness to what Mary, as well as Octavia, had gone through previously as foster children, but happiness for the happy, loving family they now had. The secondary characters were interesting too.

Though there was just something missing with the characters, in my opinion, and that was development. Sure I knew who they were on the surface but as the reader I never truly felt that I really knew them personally; I was more like a passer-by, even with Mary.

The premise was no doubt exciting and something new and thrilling. I mean turning into a cat? That's something you never see too much of. Though sometimes the whole turning business got to be a too much for me personally. I'm sure others will not have this problem but it was a big one for me when it came down to my overall enjoyment of What Curiosity Kills. Adding to this, I never was a big fan of Ellis' writing since it often felt that there was never a great balance between dialogue and descriptions.

While What Curiosity Kills had it's faults and was a book that I didn't mesh well with, I still have a feeling that it will find a fan-base within some people out there, so hopefully if you're going to give this one a chance, you're one of them.

And the biggest question of them all: Will I be reading more Ellis? Well, that's one thing I'm as yet undecided on, so maybe, just maybe. Since, as anything like this goes, I could truly end up loving her next book...or not.

Grade: D
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message 1: by Dani (new)

Dani I'm debating on buying this, let me know what you think first:)

Lauren Hi!:) I thought it was okay not the best nor the worst, more like in between. I mean the premise of this was great. But the execution? Not so much. Since it was filled with a lot of faults, in my opinion. I can see others liking it though, so hopefully if you read it, you'll like a lot more than I did.

message 3: by Dani (new)

Dani Okay thanks for getting back to me:) I think I'll just get it from the library...:]

Lauren I think that would be a good choice. :)

message 5: by Nina (new)

Nina Great and honest review. Too bad that there wasn't any depht in the characters, but hey maybe there's a sequal coming.. :)

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