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No Escape by Shannon K. Butcher
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Mar 02, 10

Grant Kent is ready to begin his new life post-military, working in security with old friends. He doesn't have too many old friends. There are the two guys he's going to work with and a young woman who sends him birthday and Christmas cards. She was a foster child, housed temporarily in the same place with Grant.

So when Isabelle Carson leaves him a cryptic message to be careful, Grant has to check it out.

Isabelle has discovered that several of the former foster children who lived where she did have died. It always seems to be a case of suicide, but Isabelle doesn't believe that. And she's right. They are being killed off one by one.

She contacted Grant to warn him but, hero that he is, Grant comes to see her. And the sparks are instantaneous. Before they spontaneously combust, however, Isabelle and Grant have to battle a very odd serial killer.

Isabelle's life isn't wrapped up in the past. She has taken in a foster child herself, a teenager abandoned by his criminal dad with no other family. Dale is a terrific young man who hasn't had much stability. When Dad shows up to claim his boy, Isabelle isn't about to hand him over. But what will Dale think and do?

And can Grant contribute anything positive? The foster home in which he and Isabelle were co-tenants was anything but a happy place. What does he know about stability? About long-lasting love?

Shannon Butcher does a superb job of combining the search for clues in the deaths of the former foster children with the search of hero and heroine to comes to terms with their past lives, the possibility they have a future, and how to resolve what could be a dangerous situation for Isabelle's foster son.

NO ESCAPE is third in a trilogy by Butcher about three former military friends after they return to civilian life. If the first two, NO REGRETS and NO CONTROL, are anywhere near as well-written entertainments as the third, they are worth finding.

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