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Forget Me Not by Marliss Melton
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Mar 01, 10

Since I'm a big Suzanne Brockmann fan, I was figured I would attempt these books due to Amazon's incessant recommendations every time I looked up one of the Brockmann books. I'm not sure what happened with the Melton books but they started off tepid with me and progressively got worse. . . which irritated me to no end since I had purchased the entire series in one sitting and ended up taking all but two back to the UBS.

My problem with this series is that the author outlines a great story, great characters, and a pretty engaging plot and then just drops the ball-I go from really wanting to know what happens to (main character of any of the books) to wondering how much I can skim and still count it as reading the book from start to finish.

Brockmann, on the other hand, draws you in from the get-go and makes you laugh/cry/suffer every step of the way with her characters, to the point that not matter how bad it gets for them (Sam and Alyssa) you HAVE to keep reading because you know it will get better-or you might kill yourself, or someone else. She makes you truly care about the characters and what they are going through, as well as penning a great plot.

Too bad too many people on Amazon compulsively give this series a 5-star rating and then compare it to Brockmann. . . reading Melton's SEAL series is like buying two pairs of the same jeans-one fits perfectly, the other makes you scratch you head and wonder "hun, where did this go wrong? It's supposed to be just as great but is obviously lacking."

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Nicole Thanks for this review. I'm a huge SB fan and I, too, have been told repeatedly that I should try this series. They're on sale on e-format right now and I was tempted to buy them all at once, but I think after reading your review that I'll do one at a time to see if I like it or not.

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