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Barefoot by Elin Hilderbrand
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Mar 01, 2010

it was amazing
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Read from May 13 to 30, 2010

** spoiler alert ** Thought it felt like it took me forever to read this book, in the end it was worth it. In the beginning, I really despised Brenda, and just her entire attitude. Her sister had cancer, her sister's friend (Melanie) was coming on the trip to get a chance to clear her head and get away, and Brenda couldn't be sympathetic to Melanie's situation. I mean Melanie had seven invitro attempts fail, and then when she wanted to try one more time, her husband tells her he is having an affair, and then she finds out that she is at last pregnant, but she can't be happy about it because of Peter having an affair. I am sorry that Brenda lost her job, but really what did she expect when dating a student, even if that student happened to be a year older than she was? She knew the rules, she broke them, and the university had to take action. They couldn't just give her a slap on the wrist, no matter how good a teacher she was, because if they did, and it happened again with another teacher, they couldn't fire that person when they didn't fire her. I also didn't like Walsh, in that he knew what he and Brenda were doing could cause her a lot of trouble, and if he truly cared for her, then he could have waited until the semester is over. True a few months may feel like forever, but once they are over, looking back on those months, it doesn't seem so bad. I think Walsh should have waited, and Brenda should have just told him after the semester was over, they could see what would happen over the summer. He could have even joined them at Nantucket, and stayed there in the room with Brenda. So I didn't feel sorry for Brenda losing her job, because she knew what could happen, and when it did, she shoud have accepted it gracefully, instead of throwing something in anger. If those people had been jumping on me, I would have said to them "If you want me to leave, I will kindlly do so, if you would get out of my way so that I can." I also didn't like the whole Melanie/Josh relationship. If she hadn't been married, I would have probably felt differently, but she was, and in her having "relations" with another guy who wasn't her husband, made her no better than Peter. Also, I think she did the whole thing to get back at Peter, like you cheated on me, so I cheat on you kind of deal. That wasn't fair to Josh, though I too think that the whole reason he wanted to be with the family, is because first of all, he didn't really have a family, just him and his dad. Second, he may have seen traits in Vicki, Brenda, and even Melanie, that resembled some he had seen in his mother, so by being with them, he felt closer to his mother. Also, he had been down the road of being a child who had lost his mother, so if Blaine and Porter lost their mother, he could be a shoulder to cry on for them, because he would have understood what they were going through. I also thought Peter was the most arrogant person I had ever read about, to show up (univited!) and tell Melanie his relationship with Frances was over, and expect her to jump for joy and race back home with him was ridiculous. It was like he decided that Melanie had to come back to him, just because he decided, regardless of how she felt about him or what he had done to her. Also, who could blame Josh for being upset at the sight of Peter, not just because of his relationship with Melanie, but I also think he didn't like the idea of sharing anyone from his "family" with another guy beyond Ted. Melanie didn't help matters, by insisting they continue to see each other, until summer was over, Josh had a point about that, what WAS the point, if they were going to go their separate ways anyway. I was happy everything worked out in the end, Brenda and Walsh did get to be together, even though she had to destroy her career to do it, and Vicki made it through the cancer, and survived. Melanie finally had her baby, even if it had to be slimeball Peter's baby (I am sorry, but I don't believe the words I am sorry will ever be enough for a person to forgive their spouse for cheating) and if I had been her I wouldn't have told him about the baby before I left either, and I wouldn't have left a note. I would have just left, and then called him when I got where I was supposed to be going. It's not like he could file a missing person's report, since the person has to be missing for at least 24 hours, and she would have called him by then. I think he would have deserved a few hours of worry, after all the anxiety and heartache he had caused her already.
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