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Dark Moon by Steve Feasey
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The Changeling series is one of those rare ones that are enjoyable for children but just as much (if not more!) for adults! I'm writing this around a year after i read it so i apologise for any mistakes in advance.

Dark Moon picks up where Changeling left off, or there abouts. Lucien is still in a coma after being attacked by his brother and it is now down to Alexa, Trey, Tom and their friend Charles to fine Alexa's mother and the magical artifact she owns in order to save his life.

What follows is a heart-racing adventure across the world to iceland and finally the neverworld, whilst dealing with a very evil Witch, an angel and scores of other evil nasties.
As well as this, theres an alternate storyline that is linked to the main events but going on elsewhere and i found these bits to be fascinating. My only problem was that these parts tended to come up just as i was getting into the rest of the story which i found a teensy bit annoying. However, not annoying enough to put me off and i was able to pick up the main story where it last left off.

As well as being a horror/fantasy adventure it did become highly emotional towards the end as well as ending on an amazing cliffhanger that will leave you hankering after the next book; Blood Wolf!

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