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Coffeehouse Angel by Suzanne Selfors
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Mar 16, 2010

it was amazing
Read in March, 2010

Reviewed at Girls Without a Bookshelf

This book is really cute. CUTE!

There are so many levels to this book - friendship, loyalty, romance, jealousy, forgiveness - the list could go on. Not that it's a bad thing. It actually ties up together in the end and it ends up being such a cute story! I know I'm slightly biased towards angel-themed books but this one is really really cute. I think that's really the description - cute!

I love how relationships are portrayed in Coffeehouse Angel. There's Vincent and Katrina's relationship which I absolutely loved - the typical possessive best-guy-friend/best-girl-friend relationship - and there's so much love and connection between the two that I partly rooted for Vincent :) Then there's Malcolm, this hilarious angel that is so naive and so eloquent and so weird that I just giggled whenever he shows himself. He wears a kilt - see? Cute, right?

I love how Suzanne portrayed Katrina's character. Essentially, she's a relatable teenager with a different but ultimately normal, problem-plagued life. It's nice how Katrina was written as a self-less person, but not perfect - all her flaws were clear as glass, although rationalised with her voice. She's so partial and insecure but not to the extent that she becomes annoying. She was a pretty fun character to read, and very relatable. It highlights the good in everyone, and books which do that is always a good read.

I must admit I wasn't entirely sure who Katrina would end up with. I think that's another good thing about the book - there's so many ways out that you become eager to know what her ultimate wish would be, who she will end up with, what other disasters will happen in her life, etc etc. I enjoyed every single bit of it!

The situation that Katrina (and Malcolm) has put her(self) into was hilarious. It was mainly why the book was such a enjoyable comedy - Malcolm keep insisting to grant her what she 'most desires' in return of her 'good deed'. Throw that phrase in the middle of a school assembly, a possessive friendship, and to a shy girl and the hilarity that ensues is endless. And Malcolm's indifference to what others might think of his relationship with Katrina was just funny. Even the kiss did not leave out the comedy.

This book really deserves much praise. I mean, there's so much one can learn from this read. It's so much more than just a romantic comedy. There's finding and accepting one's self, learning to embrace others, accepting change, holding on and letting go. It's one of those books that anyone would immensely enjoy. I wished it was longer, but everything neatly weaved together at the end. It was such a fun read!

Ultimately, it has a cute, fairy tale ending that I'm sure everyone would love! A very cute romantic comedy indeed :)

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