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Pro Drupal Development by John K. VanDyk
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Nov 16, 2007

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Read in November, 2007

It's surprising given drupal's popularity that there aren't more books covering it in detail. Site launches and contributions by the likes of lullabot and bryght have pushed the CMS' profile and recent releases have emphasised the Web 2.0 potential, but a quick look at amazon reveals only four related titles. Of the four, Pro Drupal Development is definitely the most developer focussed.

This isn't a book for a drupal newbie. Going in you'll want to have spent at least a little time setting up a drupal site or two, and while there's no need to be a PHP guru the authors do presume you're not going to need help understanding their code samples. They focus on drupal's internals, with a lot of time spent writing modules, understanding the user, node, menu, theme and related systems, and a little attention for performance optimisation.

There's a lot of ground to cover and most chapters are short, giving just the essentials on each area. You'll probably want to pause from time to time to try out the code samples unless you're already experienced at writing drupal modules. Having written a number of modules and run into various problems I found I was able to focus on the new information and how it would have affected my approach, but if this is new ground the structure of the book may make it rather overwhelming.

The writers are keen to encourage their readers to read the book in order, and some chapters certainly do build on their predecessors, but the real strength of this is likely to be as a reference guide. A quick once-through will help newcomers to module development get a sense of how everything fits together, but chances are you'll then want to refer back when you actually encounter problems that a given chapter can help with.

I was disappointed not to see more coverage of testing drupal code. As I've noted elsewhere, the lack of attention paid to automated testing in the drupal community frustrates me and it seems that for a book like this to not to provide some coverage of sensible testing regimens is a missed opportunity. Similarly, it would be really good to have some coverage of deployment tips, particularly relating to upgrading active sites. Both of those seem to me like core topics for any book purporting to provide a guide for professionals, but the priorities of the book mirror those of the drupal community where neither topic appears to be a significant concern.

For any experienced developer who needs to get to grips with the insides of drupal and/or write custom extensions, this book will be invaluable. The style won't suit those looking for a broader scope or lengthier tutorials, but it will help you get to grips with each of the major components quickly and provide enough information to set you on your way. Hopefully it will also trigger further writing about drupal, which may cover more ground and help developers bring some other vital practices to their drupal work.

Disclaimer: I was sent a copy of this book for review by the publisher.

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