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North of Beautiful by Justina Chen
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Quotes Brooke Liked

Justina Chen
“Getting lost is just another way of saying 'going exploring.”
Justina Chen, North of Beautiful
tags: lost

Justina Chen
What?" I lowered my cup hastily, wondering if maybe there was a stray hair, or worse, a newly boiled bug inside my cup.
You got to smell it first. It's the proper way to cup coffee."
Cup coffee?"
Taste it."
What? Are you the coffee police or something?”
Justina Chen, North of Beautiful

Justina Chen
“Beauty—real everlasting beauty—lives not on our faces, but in our attitude and our actions. It lives in what we do for ourselves and for others.”
Justina Chen, North of Beautiful

Justina Chen
“Let the glossy spreads have their heart-stopping, head-turning kind of beauty. Give me the heart-filling beauty instead. Jolie laide, that's what I would choose. Flawed, we're truly interesting, truly memorable, and yes, truly beautiful.”
Justina Chen, North of Beautiful

Justina Chen
“That's when it struck me: how gorgeous we all were, even with cellulite (saw a lot of that) and stretch marks, scars and tattoos. Let me just say this, not single body was perfect, not even the fittest of women there.”
Justina Chen, North of Beautiful

Justina Chen
“I hated roses. I hated them for being so trite, so clichéd, a default, all-purpose flower that said I love you, I'm sorry, and get well soon. Give me peonies and tulips, orchids or gardenia. Those were flowers with character.”
Justina Chen, North of Beautiful

Justina Chen
“Physical beauty wasn't the same as True Beauty, any more than pretty ugly meant truly ugly or Magnetic North meant True North.”
Justina Chen, North of Beautiful
tags: p-355

Justina Chen
“What swells inside me is a love so boundless, I am the sunrise and sunset. I am Liberty Bell in the Cascades. I am Beihai Lake. I am every beautiful, truly beautiful, thing I've ever seen, captured in my personal Geographia, the atlas of myself.”
Justina Chen, North of Beautiful

Justina Chen
“There must be a few times in life when you stand at a precipice of a decision. When you know there will forever be a Before and an After...I knew there would be no turning back if I designated this moment as my own Prime Meridian from which everything else would be measured.”
Justina Chen, North of Beautiful

Justina Chen
“You would be surprised what two hours of daily exercise and five hundred stomach crunches can do for you.”
Justina Chen, North of Beautiful

Justina Chen
“What was so miraculous about a relationship that was based more on my gratitude than on mutual self respect?”
Justina Chen, North of Beautiful

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message 1: by [deleted user] (new)

Is this book good? I started to read it but didn't get 2 finish it

Brooke Hey Hope!

Yes, it's definitely good! It took me about 40-50 pages to really get into the story (I thought the beginning was a bit slow - sorta hard to settle in to), I always try and give the book at least 100 pages and if I'm still not into it I put it down. I'm really enjoying it now!

message 3: by [deleted user] (new)

I stopped at like page 60 or something around there at the part where she and Jacob went 2 the gallery and her dad was signed up 2 present hi art

Brooke Oh yep, in my opinion it definitely picks up after that. It's one of those books that's kind of... how do I put it... it's sweet, but it's not all light hearted lovie dovie stuff. If that makes sense. It's more about Terra's journey of self discovery :)

message 5: by [deleted user] (new)

Well I'm not very patient so if a book doesn't hold my interest from the beginning I don't get very far

Brooke That's fair enough :o) If you decide to give it another go, I look forward to hearing what you think!

message 7: by [deleted user] (new)

OK! :)

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