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The Sin Eater's Prince by Keta Diablo
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Feb 28, 2010

really liked it

Keta Diablo's latest release The Sin Eater's Prince is a truly mesmerizing story and for this reader it was something a little new. This is Owen's story and he is a Sin Eater has his father before him, curse and held into a life he did not choose. The towns folk look upon his as a plague as they know the site of him carried death. Thing is, Own is just a man in his mid twenties who has his own desires and his number one desire is for Dr. Andras Maddock. A vampire who he can not help but be attracted to, more than that, Andras pulls every carnal craving out of him. Andras feels the same for Owen and when they touch they are not Sin Eater and Vampire but two people who share an intense attraction towards one another. Immediately I adored both Andras and Owen, both feeling as though they are stuck with duty for the life Oaths they have taken. Owen having taken the oath to his father to become a Sin Eater and carry their legacy and Andras's oath to Owen's father for saving him in the Forrest all those years ago when left for dead..... to never take the blood of a human and to watch and care for Owen upon his death.Dagan is after Andras who holds a very important and deadly item in which he covets with his very life. Dagon is after the Prince of Wales sword which Andras posses, once they capture the sword their power will increase beyond imagination. The same sword that Andras killed his creator, Traherne with. The sword would hold the power to grant these vampires to walk in the daylight. Danger is all around them in this amazingly brilliant mystical tale. Not without humor, not sure if Keta created the character Carys for that purpose but I found so much humor in her personality. She is an orphan who was taken in by Andras upon the death of her parents, and she is a superstitions little thing. Her beauty unchallenged I delighted every time her presents came to the page. The banter although harmless and light between Owen teasing her and telling her of all the creatures he has spied and her gullibility put a smile to my face and lighten the dark story. She is a believer all things mystical and I just found her dialog appealing. What began as lustful longing blossomed into something quite beautiful as the relationship and love between Owen and Andras grew through every page. Owen asking Andras to turn him so he would be able to fight and protect him by his side against Dagan and his followers was heartwarming. What I liked most about this story was that the underlying love story was just that, love. And thank goodness Keta added a glossary at the end, I would have been a little lost if not! I wish more authors would do that!

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