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Back in Black by Lori Foster
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Feb 28, 2010

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Let's start this way, this latest release by Lori Foster, Back in Black, about her beloved SBC fighters and organization is truly a 180 in my opinion from My Man Michael, no doubt about it. With that being said I don't think that it was her best, in my heart that space is reserved for Hard to Handle. In Back to Black I was anxious to read about Drew Black and watching him meets his match. Lori Foster really made a gem when she created Gillian; she is smart, witty and sharp. No matter what the situation her reputation as the best in PR most definitely holds up against the prongs of people and activists who would love to see her AND Drew fall, and fall hard. No matter the fact that inside she was shaking in her boots, she had a never let them see you sweat attitude and the only one to even shake it, although not all the time was Drew! Trying to get his reputation under wraps was a full time job for her and I found their immediate chemistry hot and exciting. Always waiting to read what their next interaction would be. There is a group of women, WAVS (women against violent sports), who constantly protest Drew and the SBC, but now lives are being threatened and it's no longer a war or words. I loved the re-visit of some of the much loved characters and two new ones in Brett & Audrey. Although their story was running parallel for a while you knew at some point their stories would intersect, which was well done because I was so sure at the beginning that I was NOT going to like Audrey at all. Through and through a solid story, predictable but entertaining. It was obvious midway who the villain was but I still wanted to see the action unfold. Not one of her best, but Foster created a truly honest, raw and real character in Drew that I knew I wanted to see it out until the end. I wasn't disappointed, but I wasn't in awe either.


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