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Eve by Elissa Elliott
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Eve is a beautifully written re-imagining of one of mankind's oldest stories. Elliott's writing is exquisitely lyrical, weaving a fascinating story from the multiple points-of-view of Eve and her daughters. I picked up Eve at my library and read it completely for enjoyment, not as someone who has studied the Bible in-depth. Personally, I found it to be an incredibly compelling piece of historical fiction.

Elissa Elliott's writing is delicious! Her prose is expressive and graceful - this is a woman who knows how to turn a phrase. When I read a book, I mark memorable and particularly captivating passages so that I can share them with others. By page 60 of Eve, I had marked so many passages that I ran out of post-its! The writing is magnificent, evoking the true spirit of Biblical times for the reader.

The characters in Elissa Elliott's Eve - especially Eve's daughters: the eldest, Naava, the beautiful but self-absorbed weaver; Aya, the intelligent, club-footed cook and healer; and Dara, the kind-hearted, perceptive twin - are richly drawn and leap off the pages, brilliantly alive in the reader's mind.

The story of Adam and Eve is well-researched and vividly recounted in Elissa Elliott's Eve: A Novel of the First Woman. I would definitely recommend this novel to lovers of historical fiction, and to anyone who enjoys an engaging and delightfully well-written story.

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