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The White Queen by Philippa Gregory
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Mar 04, 10

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Read from February 27 to March 02, 2010

Alright, I honestly did not like this novel. I can't believe this woman has written more than 10 books? I've been trying to conjure up excuses to give Gregory some credit but this novel just wasn't my style. Mainly because all it really is, is a detailed historical timeline with a little embellishment here and there; its bland soup. Her writing style in the beginning of the book was abominable. The first 10 pages were all I, I, I, and then He, He, He. What I'm trying to say is that there was no sentence variation, making the story very annoying to read after about five minutes. She improves on this towards the middle of the book but not immensely; her writing style is still pretty "feeling-less".

I also did not like the plot, now this I cannot blame on Gregory as she can not be held responsible for the irritating nature of the Old Regime. There are some take-away lessons from this story about power and "government" but after a while, the atrocities that men and women committed just to gain power became a little redundant and even annoying. Its like okay how many times are going to fight for someone else's throne? It just seemed like all these people had to do before the advent of television was go to war and try and become King of so and so. I would HATE to have lived in that era or to be a Queen or a Princess and be caught up in the endless web of greed. I hold all these views thanks to Gregory's perspective.It would be great to read something about this era written from the perspective of a common man.

Gregory really had something going with the witch side plot line. Magic always adds intrigue to a predictable story. But this was a very minute part of the novel. Most of the novel was just this happened and then that happened and then we were happy (summary) and then we went to war. The war details were great! This is why I'm even giving the novel two stars. There was a lot of detail there and you really could see the battles happening. The personal relationships were colorless though so unless you need to learn about the House of York for history class, I wouldn't waste my time with this book.
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message 1: by Arielle (last edited Dec 06, 2010 12:41PM) (new) - rated it 4 stars

Arielle I think that everyone is affected differently by novels. I love historical fiction because we are reading about people that have actually existed and events that have actually happened! Gregory researches the facts and creates a plausible story line around these facts for the reader to relate to. For myself, I could not put this book down. I read it in about 3 days. I thought many parts of the novel were profound. I find myself trying to understand if humanity is ever changing and growing, or are we actually stagnant?

Lisa Fischetti Before you write Gregory novels off your "to Read" list, I would recommend that you read "The Constant Princess". It was my favorite of her novels thus far. It also varies somewhat from her typical style of writing as all of her heroines wallow in self-pity. But for me, that is what makes history come to life, putting human emotion and a voice to cold- hard facts.

Amber Weinberg Constant Princess was actually the least favorite of her books for me. Even though The Tudors has always been my favorite story, I couldn't put the White Queen down. This book was fantastic.

message 4: by Lolita (new) - added it

Lolita i like the story only bc i like the time and history of it all. BUT i agree with you. there is MUCH missing. There is a lot of filler missing. Maybe book 2 will be better?

Carla Acheson I will have to check out The Constant Princess. I know I enjoyed this one very much.

Alicia Cayab Oh if you want 'feelings' in the her writing, try the Wisewoman. I don't know about you if you won't feel anything about that book. :))

Donna Lee schnitzius i enjoy all of her books.

message 8: by Daya (new)

Daya Washington If the focus was on war then that is probably why you found little "feeling" in this novel. The mark of a great writer is versatility. I'm sure you can read less war and more love in Gregory ' s other reads. I've only read The Other Boleyn Girl and I loved it. I will read the Wise Woman next! Love Philippa Gregory. She really gets into historical detail ad leaves the reader wanting to go research for more facts. I'll be reading all ten of her books as I find the time. Watching her speak on Robert Dudley and the death of Amy Rombart. #ElizabethanEra

message 9: by Daya (new)

Daya Washington *Amy Robsart (The Virgin Queen Elizabeth said rival for Robert Dudley's heart).

message 10: by Hexen (new) - rated it 1 star

Hexen I couldn't agree more. There are few books that I cringe while reading in the first few pages, but this one certainly did.

message 11: by Tracy (new) - added it

Tracy I love history so have absolutely loved every one of her books. If you aren't into reading books that are filled with actual historical events then I would suggest you avoid them rather than bad-mouth an author who had written something that is not entirely fiction. The historical aspects of her books is exactly why I read her books.

Sille Must say...I have the same issues ..all the way ''I I I I" and the "he he he''....I totally agree with you

message 13: by Maurita (new)

Maurita Kling I haven't read the book, but I watched about 40 min of the movie, & that was enough!!
Compared with Sharon K Penman's books about this era, this was more like a Comic Book for 12 year olds!!

Johanna Right on about the timeline. This is crap historical fiction.

Tulia Vogensen This was one of this author's weakest books for me. Hard to get through. Uninteresting plot and unmemorable characters.

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