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The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen by Alan Moore
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Feb 26, 2010

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Century: 1910 is the third volume of Alan Moore and Kevin O'Neill's much-lauded League of Extraordinary Gentlemen series. Mina Murray and the (alleged) son of Allan Quatermain are joined by a new group of literary characters: thieving Raffles, occultist Carnacki and gender-bending Orlando. They're on a quest to unearth the secret plot of a clandestine occult group.

Meanwhile, Captain Nemo is on his deathbed. After he argues with his young daughter, Janni, about taking over the family business (aka piracy aboard the Nautilus), she takes off for England and begins working as a barmaid under an assumed name. When this change of lifestyle yields less than acceptable results, she summons the Nautilus to come for her and the pirate crew, led by Janni, come face to face with the New League.

Then they fight, make up and part ways and the book ends.

This was a bit of a pain in the rear, until further research into the matter led me to discover that 1910 is merely the lead-in to two more volumes of League set to take place later in the 1900's. While I do enjoy Moore's literary mash-up concept (I also ordered a hardcover edition of Lost Girls that ships in about a month), these characters are just not as appealing as the original group. Quatermain doesn't do anything adventuresome, Mina doesn't vamp-out and Carnacki and Raffles are dry. The only lively characters in the book are Orlando (who is `more than friends' with both Murray and Quatermain, though it's only implied in this volume) and Janni (who was created by Moore for this book and has no basis in literature that I know of). The book is saved solely by those two characters, O'Neill's gorgeous, detailed art and the sometimes somber sometimes humorous musical styling of two minor cast members, a whore and a murderer.

Still, lukewarm Moore is better than alot of other writers' best efforts and O'Neill's good as ever. I'll be picking up the next volume for sure. 7/10 and high hopes for future additions.
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