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Deep Kiss by Katsumoto Kasane
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Feb 25, 10

bookshelves: shoujo-manga, josei, smut, erotica
Read in February, 2010, read count: 3

I read this through scanlations and loved it. It's a good set of oneshots, though I really don't like the art. It's messy, but Kasane Sensei has great stories.

The Gaze
This story is about a girl who changes herself (makes herself look like a hoochi mama) for the guys she likes, because he said that he would go out with her if she did. And so they do become a couple (and have sex, alot), but Nana (the girl) wonders if Onozato even sees her.

Honestly, I really liked it. I know the girl was kinda dumb for changing herself, but I can't help but like the masochistic female character. The end is really sweet, which makes the suffering all worth it.

Deep Kiss
Another masochistic heroine, this time, with big boobs. Waka is the type that gets used by guys, while she's earnestly looking for love. She meets a guy who hates her at sight, but someone, she can't forget him. She witnesses him being dumped by a girlfriend and ends up being the replacement, volunteeringly.

I think I liked this one a lot because Waka had big boobs. so do I. I felt some type of understanding with her. She's cute but a little jaded and it only made me like the development of the story.

Magic Fingers
This one is about a girl and her boyfriend who happens to be a hairstylist. He's busy with work and all, so he doesn't spend much time with girl. She comes to his store and they fight and make up with their clothes off(IN THE STORE). And then it ends with her saying that he's changed her into a 'sexual object'.

needless to say, I hated this story. Its complete bull. ok, the sex was kinda hot.

Summer Memories
The story is about a couple who have liked each other since they were in high school, but they never confessed. The girl saw him kissing another girl, so she ran away to Tokyo. She returns and sees the guy, they end up having casual sex, even when she thought she knew that he had a girlfriend.

I liked this one after I read it once. It pissed me off the first time, because the guy was "cheating" on his girlfriend.

Overall, this is a good set of oneshot. There are parts that seem really shallow or just really dumb, but I can't help but like it. Which is amazing because the art sucks.

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