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Born of Night by Sherrilyn Kenyon
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message 1: by Bethany (new) - added it

Bethany Ahh i just got this book for freee. I was looking for the next dark hunter novel but someone snatched it so I went with this instead since you can't really go wrong with Sherrilyn Kenyon and I didn't want to waste a credit! lol

Krista (I remember you, Min) (Critical) Yay! :) I liked this one, despite its unfortunately annoying heroine.

Rachel (The Rest Is Still Unwritten) I'm thinking about reading this as well as her Lords of Avalon series. Would i like it???

Krista (I remember you, Min) (Critical) YES! I LOOOOOVE this series. I do think you'd like it. It has really good characters. I know some people don't like it for some reason, because they felt SK didn't go into enough details about the setting...but I think she did it just right. I don't like toooo much detail, otherwise it's boring. I actually kind of like it better than DH.

Rachel (The Rest Is Still Unwritten) *Gasp* Better than DH? Is that even possible? I'll definitely have to read it then. Even if it's just to satisfy my curiosity. *grumbles* Better than DH.....

Krista (I remember you, Min) (Critical) Haha, well, it's quite a bit grittier and darker than DH, I think, which I like.

Rachel (The Rest Is Still Unwritten) Like BDB grittier and darker. I like dark, so i doubt it'll bother me. Are the characters one you can love and emphasise with?

Krista (I remember you, Min) (Critical) Not quite as gorey as BDB, but yes. It's a good dark. Well, I found the heroine of the first book a little annoying (I think you might even, too), but I didn't mind her. The hero was interesting, but I think I like the hero/heroine of the second book better. To answer your actual question, yes, you can empathize with them. :D

Rachel (The Rest Is Still Unwritten) Awesome! I look forward to reading them soon then. Hopefully i'll be able to get around to the soon. I got a whole bunch of other books to read first, but then.....

Krista (I remember you, Min) (Critical) :) Yep, I think you'll really enjoy them. Plus, SK has another one coming out soon.

Rachel (The Rest Is Still Unwritten) That's good. I also wanna read her Chronicles of Nick series, but i noticed that the second one comes out in like a month, so i'm going to hold off on that and buy them both at the same time.

Krista (I remember you, Min) (Critical) Good idea. Chronicles of Nick is verrrry light, but still good.

Rachel (The Rest Is Still Unwritten) It looks good. I think it's going to be odd seeing Nick so young and knowing the direction his life heads. Still, i'm looking forward to it.
And the Lords of Avalon series. I like Merlin and King Arthur and all things to do with Camelot, so i think i'll like that series too. I certainly hope i do, lol.

Krista (I remember you, Min) (Critical) Yeah, it was odd at first, then I just sort of let it go and got into the story. Ahh, yes. I've only read one book in that series and it sucked, but I think it's a fluke or something. I mean, it had good characters and everything, but her writing was...pretty silly back then, haha. I like Merlin and King Arthur stuff, too. Well, I like all sort of old-fashioned legandy things.

Rachel (The Rest Is Still Unwritten) I'm going to try not to think of Nick too much in DH. I'll just see him for what he is at that point.
So do I. Anything along those lines usually capture me. I like the idea for the stories and stuff, but do you think her writing style will bother me? Keep in mind that Gena Showalter's doesn't, lol.

Krista (I remember you, Min) (Critical) Haha, no, it probably won't bother you. She does this thing where her characters are seriously injured, like literally about to take their last breath, and then LITERALLY half-an-hour later, their fine with no explanation as to how. Just silly stuff like that, but nothing too bothersome.

Rachel (The Rest Is Still Unwritten) Ahhhh. Okay, i see. I don't think stuff like that will bother me. It usually doesn't.

Krista (I remember you, Min) (Critical) When I read stuff like that, it's sort of jarring and makes me feel like I'm reading something an ammature wrote.

Rachel (The Rest Is Still Unwritten) I understand that. Idk, but most of the time i don't analyse a book all to much. Sometimes things happen that seem strange or don't make sense and even then it doesn't bother me. I'm so weird *shakes head*
I'm just after something fun to read.

Krista (I remember you, Min) (Critical) LOL! That's funny! Sometimes things that don't make sense don't bother me, but for some reason that particular thing always annoys me. I over-analyze everythinggggggg! I wish I could turn off my analyze-switch.

message 21: by Rachel (The Rest Is Still Unwritten) (last edited Feb 01, 2011 12:44AM) (new) - rated it 4 stars

Rachel (The Rest Is Still Unwritten) Again, i understand what you mean. Sometimes i think it's odd how something so small can piss me off, but some massive things don't, lol.
I have noticed that, lol, but it's not necessarily a bad thing. It gives you a healthy appreciation for things. Plus, i'm guessing studying Creative Writing like you do, makes it harder to ignore things like that.

Krista (I remember you, Min) (Critical) Yep, everyone has all these different little things that bother them, sometimes for no reason. I guess it's not a bad thing, but it gets annoying because sometimes it takes away my enjoyment when I'm reading. I don't know, for a Creative Writing Major, I do very little writing. I'm taking lots of stupid math and science and history classes. Bleh.

Rachel (The Rest Is Still Unwritten) Yeah. I can imagine it would do that. With me i almost always enjoy whatever book i'm reading cos i'm just focusing on the characters and the story only to an extent. I'm not analysing morals or personalities all too much.
Oh. I'd have thought that you'd do heaps of writing.

Krista (I remember you, Min) (Critical) MAN, I enjoy maybe one in fifty books that I read! LOL! I'm THE pickiest person of all time, grrrr. Yeah, it's weird, but the majors are sort of just...formalities. I haven't even taken any writing classes yet, 'cause I'm saving them for my senior year so I'll have the best classes then.

Rachel (The Rest Is Still Unwritten) Are you serious?!?! Dead set i love about 3/5 books. More often than not i'll like books rather than dislike it. Perhaps i'm just easy to please, haha!
See, i find that concept hard to understand. We don't have college here, only University. And you go to university to study whatever it is you want to do with your life. Want to be a doctor you study Medicine. Nurse....nursing. get a teaching degree. decree. Things like that....

message 26: by Krista (I remember you, Min) (Critical) (last edited Feb 01, 2011 10:21PM) (new) - rated it 5 stars

Krista (I remember you, Min) (Critical) Yep, unfortunately, I am serious. I pretty much always dislike books, but I try to rate them based on how well they're written rather than how much I like them, otherwise...hahaha. I think--no, I KNOW I'm abnormal. OH MY GOD!!!!!! I wish college were like that! You know what, college is LITERALLY a repeat of high school. No lie.

Rachel (The Rest Is Still Unwritten) I find i don't care how books are written most of the time. Every Now and then i read a book that is so brilliantly written that i take notice, but most of the time writing and writing style doesn't play a part in how i rate. I tend to rate more on characters, character relationships, plot, twists and how much i want to read a book. Sometimes i'll pick something up and be unable to put it down. Then before i know it i'm finished---those are the types of books i prefer.

Wow. No offense, but that sounds horrible. I don't understand the point. How old are most people usually when they start college? Here we finish high school at 18.
At Uni you have subjects based on what you're studying. Someone who may be studying medicine will take science, chemistry, physics, sociology class's and things along those lines. You take classes specifically associated with your chosen field.

Take me for instance....i'm hoping to study Ancient History and Archeology next year. Seeing as i want to Major in Egyptology, I'd take an basic archeology class, alone with two language classes-Latin and Egyptian Hieroglyphics and a bunch of other classes focusing on Ancient Egypt...... like Egyptian culture and society, ancient egyptian religion, method and techniques of archaeology specifically for Egypt based digs and artifacts, Egyptian pharaohs and dynasties.

Krista (I remember you, Min) (Critical) It's not exactly writing style that bother me, but...I don't know, the format of the writing, the content, I guess. You know, like whether I feel the characters have developed and the plot moved at a nice pace etc...I don't mean the plot itself, but...ugh, I'm making no sense. But if I don't like a book, it's usually because I'm way too opinionated, so I try to look at it from the view of a "normal" person, hehehe.

IT IS HORRIBLE!! It's crap, and I hate it and it's stupid. Us to, we usually graduate at 18 and start college at 18, which is what I did. If all I had to study was writing....AHHH! That would be amazing! Instead of freaking 8 years of high school, which is basically what this is.

GOSH, you lucky girl. OH MY GOD, though, a class on Ancient Egypt sounds so damn fun. I want to take a class like that! So. Cool. I've always randomly been obsessed with Ancient Egypt. I usually research it just for fun, haha.

Rachel (The Rest Is Still Unwritten) Oh, okay. I think i understand what you mean. Probably not completely, lol, but enough to grasp what you mean enough to understand. Being opinionated is a good thing. I think it's horrible when people have no feelings whatsoever over certain issues.

It seems stupid to me. I always hear about college and when i see it on TV it just reminds me of regular high school. Uni here is much more serious, and you get a large variety of students. There are a lot of mature students studying--in their 40's and 50's.
It sounds like that. We have high school for 6 years and then whatever you want to pursue as a career you take classes that work towards it. For you, if you were studying writing, you'd take creative lit classes and classes to develop your writing technique and style. You wouldn't have to worry about extra classes like history and maths and science.

Yes and no. LOL. I'm lucky that that's what i wanted to study, but when i got my HSC results back i didn't get the marks i needed to get in and study this year which is what i originally wanted to do. I got an 81.6 and i need a 86.4. I'm doing a TAFE course though that's a bridge course so when i complete it i can do the Ancient History course i wanna do next year. If that makes sense, haha.
I've always been obsessed with Ancient Egypt. It's a passion of mine and a few years ago i decided that was what i wanted to pursue. It's so incredible and everything the Egyptian society accomplished.

Krista (I remember you, Min) (Critical) I guess...but I'm a little too opinionated. But that's just me, I suppose, so I have to live with it!

Hmmm, yeah, we don't have that many older people at college. The oldes guy I knew was probably in his late twenties--definitely no one middle aged! We get people from different backgrounds and stuff, but not different ages. Hmmm high school for six years...for us it's kindergarten, then middle school for 8 years and then high school for 4 years. GOD I WISH I COULD just take writing classes! That would be like a dream come true!

Wow, you know the specific marks you have to get? For us, you can pretty much apply to any college, though obviously different schools have different expectations. Welll, I guess it makes sense, LOL! I really have never heard of any of this, but it's really interesting. OHHHHH, that's so funny! I feel the same way about Ancient Egypt! Obviously I'm no expert, but from what I've gleamed, they were actually more advanced back then than some places were in the nineteenth century. Anyway, that sounds pretty cool. You think you'll go to Egypt some day?

Rachel (The Rest Is Still Unwritten) That's true. And i'm sure you're used to yourself by now!

A lot of people go back to Uni here. They'll get their degree's when they're young-ish and then work for a while, and sometimes they choose to get more education and they go back. It's a common thing. My best friends mum is a nurse and she's just got her 4th degree. She got two, had her kids, got one more, worked and just got another one.
Our schooling goes Primary School which is Kindy-6 and then High School 7-8. Uni depends on what you're studying and what degree you get.
Yeah. It would be. But when you finish college you can go to some University over there and just study what you want, can't you? Or am i thinking about something else???

Yes. You need to have certain marks to get into certain courses. It's a good thing cos you know how much effort you have to put in.
Sorry. Obviously you wouldn't know what i'm talking about. TAFE is like another "mini" Uni where you can do courses, although they don't have the same meaning or strength as Uni degrees.
YES!! I mean, look at their buildings and their architecture. It's survived centuries. There's not a lot that we have nowadays that can survive over that period of time and still be in the great condition that they are now.

Actually yes. For my 18th birthday my mum got me and her tickets to Egypt for a month! We were going to go last year, but we put it off so i could focus on my final year of school and final (HSC) exams. Then *sigh* we were going to go this year, but now with all the issues breaking out in Egypt now it's not safe so it looks like we're going to have to put if off....again.
Plus, with the Uni course i wanna do (It's a 5 year course) i spend one year on an Archaeological dig somewhere. I can choose from places like Turkey, Libya, and i think Egypt too.

Krista (I remember you, Min) (Critical) Hmm. Here, when people want to go back to college, they pretty much always do it online. Online colleges have a lot of older people. Umm, no, college is the final stage, LOL! There are a few art schools, which are just for art, but if you're not an art student, you're pretty much screwed. I know that once you get your B.A. degree there are specific schools for things people who are gonna be doctors or lawyers, and they have specific sections in a college for those people, but not for the other subjects. Wow, this sounds idiotic, ahahaha.

Yeah, I suppose that makes it easier. Hmm, wow, okay, okay, I get it. Very interesting. It sounds complicated, but that's only b/c I didn't grow up with it. ;)

Very true! Ahh, Egypt. :D OH no, LOL! Well, at least it'll give you something to look forward to! I love having things to look forward to, and that's a pretty big thing. OH MY GOSH THAT SOUNDS SO AWESOME! LOL! You're gonna get to explore lots of fun stuff and learn so much! ^_^

message 33: by Rachel (The Rest Is Still Unwritten) (last edited Feb 03, 2011 01:37AM) (new) - rated it 4 stars

Rachel (The Rest Is Still Unwritten) It doesn't sound idiotic, it just seems like a very weird system. It seems like a lot of what you do and learn is pointless if you ask me. I've always liked the idea of your American college's, but now that you've explained it, i much prefer how our system works.

LOL. That's true i guess. What's normal for you is strange for me cos i grew up where how we have things as the norm. I guess you're in exactly the same situation only reversed!

Ditto. It always helps me work harder and do what i have to knowing i'm working towards something like that. Even if i'm just passing the time.
Yes!! I'm very excited about it. I think it's something i'm going to adore.

Krista (I remember you, Min) (Critical) WHY DID I NOT GET NOTIFICATIONS!? Haha, you don't have to answer that. Well, I still think it sounds idiotic. I've always thought so. College is supposed to prepare you for your career, so why make you re-learn everything you've already learned in high school that has nothing to do with your future career? LOL! Yeah, I can see why!

I've been slacking miserably on my current novel 'cause I think it's crap and I'm sad about it, 'cause I liked the storyline.

I bet! I used to dream about doing stuff like that when I was little, but now I realize I'd obviously suck at it aahaha.

Rachel (The Rest Is Still Unwritten) Idk. It doesn't make sense to me. I think they need to re-think your system. It sounds like a real waste of time that could go into doing and learning something of real value.

Oh. No. Don't think like that--you'll make yourself miserable. I'm sure your writing and wonderful and you need to tell yourself that. Over and over and over. Get motivated and stop thinking it's bad when it's not!

I doubt that.

Krista (I remember you, Min) (Critical) I think so, too, but I doubt they will. They most likely think it's all perfect. People make a huge deal out of college here. If you don't go, people really look down on you and you're considered automatically stupid. *sighs*

I think I'm a good writer, but for some reason some books I start just come out crappy. I sort of disconnect from the characters somehow and then can't get back into it. I think it's a matter of whether I really like the story/characters. I'm sure you know what I mean. =)

Rachel (The Rest Is Still Unwritten) Gah. I hate people who are like that. I think it's an individual choice as to whether you wanna go to college or not and should matter whether you do or not. It's silly that people look down on those who don't go.

I do. Sometimes i'll have a character that i really need in my story and cos i don't like them or feel like they're important enough i tend to have issues when i write about them.

Krista (I remember you, Min) (Critical) I agree! My mom didn't go to college, and when she tried to get a job at a furniture store as a salesperson, they told her they wanted a college graduate! To work at a stupid furniture store!?!? Why!?

YES! In fact, I usually dislike my main characters. I mean, I love them, 'cause they're mine, but...sometimes I can't stand them.

Rachel (The Rest Is Still Unwritten) OMG! Are you serious? Here they would never ask for something like that to simply sell furntiture! I can't believe that they would over there. *shakes head*

I like my main's but i have a few characters that i love/hate too. Ones that are so different from me i have to stop sometimes and think, "Okay, i know what i'd do in this situation, but they're so crazy--what the hell would they do?!?"

Krista (I remember you, Min) (Critical) Yep. Pretty ridiculous. Like you need a college degree to sell furniture! Stupid people! Even my friends, save one, are stuck-up like that.

YES!!!!! Sometimes it's hard to keep characters in-character. There are some characters I'm great at writing, even if they're not like me, and others that just...I start to lose them.

Rachel (The Rest Is Still Unwritten) God. Really? Lord, what is it with people nowadays? Don't answer that, haha. The answer just sucks! I think people put to much into things like that. Way too much!

Ditto! Sometimes it comes easy, sometimes you can really stuggle.

Krista (I remember you, Min) (Critical) Yep. That may also be because most of my friends are about 10 times richer than me LOL! I don't, though...

Uh-huh. I just started working again on a book I started a long time ago and I think I may even finish it this time...

Rachel (The Rest Is Still Unwritten) LMAO!! Haha. That's okay, most of my friends are the same, although it's never been an issue with us.

That's great! I really hope you can finish it.

Krista (I remember you, Min) (Critical) :) :)

Yeah...okay, you're going to think this is weird, since I know how you feel about audio books, but...there's this website that publishes audio books, for a price, obviously, and I kind of want to do it, because, well...I don't know, I'm impatient and you MIGHT make money off of it, not that I care about that hahaa. But yeah, I'm thinking of doing it for one of my older books that prob won't get published otherwise. Plus, I get to pick the narrator.

Rachel (The Rest Is Still Unwritten) That doesn't sound too bad. How much does it cost though? Is it a reasonable price, or really out there? What kind of narrator's are there too?
You never know though. A lot of authors get books published and sometimes the agents then want to publish some of their older work. I know you don't like her all too much but i know it happened with Gena Showalter. It might happen to you.

Krista (I remember you, Min) (Critical)'s pretty out-there, but...yeah. It's around $500 to $2,000...haha...I haven't heard the narrators, but apparently they have a whole network of them and they're all diff ages/genders. I know, you have a good point, but like I said...I'm impatient! Besides, you can have the contract written up so that you still have all rights to the book, and so you can get it published again later on if another company picks it up. I don't dislike Gena Showalter! I'm just not a huge fan of LOTU. You know how I feel about her YA books!!! :D

Rachel (The Rest Is Still Unwritten) Wow! That is pretty expensive! But if you can afford it and really want to do it, then i say why not!
Haha! Impatient? Yes. I can believe that about you!!
Oh. Right. Whoops. My apologies. That's what i meant then.

Random, but w/e.....
You know that series i was asking you about? The thief one or something? Well i saw them the other day in a bookshop. 3 for $10 and i went to buy them thinking they were so cheap what the hell and then when i opened my purse i realised i'd left all my money at home :(

Krista (I remember you, Min) (Critical) Welll, I can't exactly afford it, but I'm thinking of asking for money to do it for my birthday! My dad's been asking me what I want, and so...yep.
Haha, okay! No need to apologize! =)

AH! OH, I HATE when that happens. Hopefully you found out you had no money BEFORE you went up to the cashier, otherwise that would be really awkward! Okay, weird fact...the romance in that series is between a guy and the lady who had his hand chopped off! Now, you'd think I'd hate her, right?? But, strangely, I don't. I'm a strange person.

message 49: by Rachel (The Rest Is Still Unwritten) (last edited Feb 10, 2011 12:49AM) (new) - rated it 4 stars

Rachel (The Rest Is Still Unwritten) That would be a good thing to do. If you dad wants to pay for it then i think that would be a great birthday present.
Alright, lol.

Yes. It was when i had all three of them and was about to get in line. I got my wallet out and realised it was empty.
Ahhh. Interesting. Is it anything like the Poison Study romance? I thought i'd dislike Valek at first seeing as he was Yelena's boss person, but i ended up loving him for it.
Hahahahaaha.....aww, no too strange ;)

message 50: by Krista (I remember you, Min) (Critical) (last edited Feb 11, 2011 12:44AM) (new) - rated it 5 stars

Krista (I remember you, Min) (Critical) I asked my dad about it today. He's currently stalling. He keeps saying..."I'll give you an answer tomorrow or"..."I'll figure something out." He better! Haha, okay, not really, but I hope so.

Well, Valek doesn't chop Yelena's hand off LOL! I don't know, I mean...she's this really icy, seemingly heartless character, so it was really nice to watch her fall in love with this thief--cause she's a queen, and she's pissed at herself for falling for a nobody who has gotten the better of her so many times. It's pretty adorable when she gets all gushy on him and kisses him all over his face and stuff.

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