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Glass Houses by Rachel Caine
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Feb 23, 2010

it was ok
bookshelves: young-adult, vampires, audio, unfinished-or-excerpted, fantastical
Read in February, 2010

I started listening to the audio book of Glass Houses and got through the first four chapters, but I don't think I'm going to continue. For one, I found the narrator to be a little irksome--she speaks in a sort of clipped, over-enunciated, overly dramatic-effect-for-commercials sort of way, and all of her male characters (with their deeper "man voices") sound like stoners for no apparent reason. But I could have gotten over that had I liked the book better.

From the little I've "read," Glass Houses presented several issues for me. I'll list (I so like lists):

1. The 'mean-girl' dynamic that Caine sets up between her precocious 16 year old brainiac of a protagonist and the town's college-attending, town-terrifying vampires is far more akin to a high school dynamic than one between young women in college. College-age women may still try and humiliate and/or harm other women--especially those perceived as rivals--but I'm not seeing the whole 'we dumped your laundry down the trash chute' thing. This world seems like a boarding school, not a college.

2. Even a stupid vampire should know what World War II was about. Assuming that this is not a brand new vampire (and maybe she is--I may not have gotten far enough), I feel like she should be old enough to remember this. I don't think you prove much about your main character's intelligence by having her show up the vampire by explaining that WWII was "about Pearl Harbor."

3. The fact that Claire is marked at the very beginning of the book as a threat to Monica (the vampire meanie) and is being searched for throughout town, and yet is apparently going to continue to go to class instead of going home is based on extremely flimsy logic that even the characters in the book don't seem to buy into and seems like a cheap way to continue one's plot.

I'll leave it at that, but for the record, I did really like the Goth roommate with her Hot Topic outfits and working-at-the-coffee shop schtick, and general banter with her male roommates. If the book were about her, I might be more inclined to continue.
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Sarah williams okay i was really excited to read this book... but it wasn't fun to read. it was hard to finish and the end is more like a end of chapter. you dont know what happens unless you read the next one. i didnt like the smarty pants main character. i keep asking myself, how can u been so smart but stupid at the same time. you dont read and find out about secret vamps or anything like it. there are no secrets and it pretty much was hey welcome to morganville its a vampire town. deal with it. so i'm not going to continue this sereis but it could have been a much better book.

Larissa Now I'm glad I didn't finish the book. Do you have other favorites that I should check out? I haven't read The Vampire Diaries or Vampire Academy--do you like either of those series?

Sarah williams i'm reading vampire academy right now and i really like it. but if your more like the twilight vamp boy secret love stuff its not like that. everyone is involved with vampires but i cant stop reading them lol and theres not a lot of romance in it but i really like the main character. she got tough skin and she tells it how it is. so i say go with vampire academy. havent read the the vampire diaries... dont know if i will lol i think the show is lame. have u read the true blood books? i love the show but i heard they dont follow the books and that might bug me. but if u have read them how did you like them? worth my time?

Larissa I haven't read the Sookie Stackhouse books, but I've heard that they are pretty good. Some of my favorites--if you don't necessarily need the romance angle--are Peeps by Scott Westerfeld and, if you haven't read them, the Anne Rice series. (The Vampire Lestat starts slow, but is completely awesome.) I'm looking forward to reading a Swedish vampire novel called Let the Right One In. They actually made a movie out of it--it's about a young (maybe 12 year old) boy and the girl he meets who turns out to be, most likely, a vampire. But I don't know that this is ever explained explicitly.

message 5: by Kat Kennedy (new)

Kat Kennedy Great review. I think I'll give this book a miss...

Larissa Hey, thanks! And no, I don't think you'll miss much skipping this one.

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