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Bleachers by John Grisham
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Feb 22, 2010

Read in February, 2010

** spoiler alert ** The book Bleachers, written by John Grisham, was published in October of 2003. The Bleachers became one of Grisham’s best written books. Grisham received much praise from editors like, USA Today, Boston Globe, and New York Times, saying that his book was engaging, real life, and creative. The book Bleachers takes place throughout a week in the town of Messina. Each chapter represents a full day. The book starts on Tuesday night at Rake Field. That night Neely Crenshaw a highly recruited All-American quarterback at Messina revisits his old field after many years. Looking back and remembering the “Glory Days” back at Messina one of Neely’s teammates meet him at the field. Paul Curry was a wide receiver who caught 47 touchdown passes from Neely. They met at the bleachers to catch up. Shortly after Curry arrived two other people showed up. It was Orley Short and Silo Mooney. Short was a logger and was considered by his teammates the slowest linebacker in history. Silo who also played linebacker, joined the army after he dropped out of high school they continued to talk about the football days for hours. As the night went on more and more old football alums would join them at the field. When people stopped showing up and ran out of football stories they would talk about their Coach. Eddie Rake was his name and the field was named after him. None of them really liked their coach but they did respect him. The reason Rake was brought up was because he had cancer and was going to die soon. They continued talking for the rest of the night. The next day Neely takes a stroll through his old town. He stops at a café the they would go to once a week back in high school. There he was greeted by the fans and towns folk that once adored him. When they left Neely was talked into going back to his old school. He went on a tour of the school remembering when he walked those halls later that afternoon, Neely drove back to the field. The football team was practicing for the big game on Friday. Watching them practice brought back stories that Nelly had not wanted to relive. That night Neely and the rest of the old football players were at the field again. One player had brought a boom box and a cassette tape of one his games. They listen to that tape the whole night. On Thursday the day before the game Neely met Mal. Mal was a Vietnam Veteran and they both talked about Vietnam for hours. They would eventually lean toward talking about Rake. At 4 o’clock that afternoon there was a memorial for Coach Rake who had died the night before. Rake was placed in his casket at mid-field where his friend’s ad family could adore him. Friday was a morning day in Messina after Rakes death. Rakes funeral was held Friday morning and the field and everyone in town attended. Many players gave short speeches and stories about Rake and when he coached. Surprisingly even Neely had to give speech. When the funeral was over few people would leave, they just couldn’t belive that their coach was dead. Neely promised that he would return to Messina more often. This was a very good and well written story. I’m not much of a book reader but when I started to read and I couldn’t stop. I would recommend this book to anyone who enjoys a well detailed book that can capture your attention.

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