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Jan 03, 2012

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Read from February 21 to 23, 2010

** spoiler alert ** I'm trying really hard to keep an open mind, and because I'm reading each in the series back to back, I understand why things have happened the way they have. For the most part, I like it, like the growth in Anita. If you believe in the world, everything else seems to make sense. So, here are my thoughts on Cerulean Sins:

* I am SO glad Jason called Anita on her actions in her relationships, but I think Jean-Claude and Asher let her off a little too easy. She does hold back, she does demand a lot, and her love does come with conditions - I'm glad she's at least begun to acknowledge that. We'll have to see if she'll continue learning in the next book.

* Richard annoys the ever-loving crap out of me. I have never hated what's suppose to be a "good" character so much before! What began as a cute, but mildly irritating, character has devolved into a hateful, suicidal being. Anytime he comes on the page, I get irritated. How can he be Ulfric and still be queasy about killing people? It's such the opposite of other werewolf characters I've read that it annoys me. If you're going to be a Boy Scout, fine; but then don't try to be a badass when you aren't comfortable enforcing your own rules, Richard. I hope we see less and less of Richard, since there's no place for this relationship to go without someone caving (please, please, don't let it be Anita).

* The ending sucked. Sorry, but it did. There was no tension or build up in the police/murder plotline, and the ending was atrocious - three pages, that's it. Anita goes in, does what she does, and that whole plotline was resolved. Ew. Why even have any of that? Was it really necessary? With such a lame ending, I don't see how it could have added that much to the overall story.

* Dolph is beginning to scare me.

* The dinner with Musette/Belle was so confusing. I'm going to blame Richard for barging in and trying to be badass, and messing everything up. Way. To. Go. But beyond that, how did Jean-Claude, at only 400 years old, manage to become the master of his own line? How'd that happen - through his triumvirate with Anita and Richard?

* Glad to see that Jason and Asher finally got some action. But poor Nathaniel, left out again. I'm going to hope he gets a girlfriend one day.

* I miss Anita animating. I never thought I'd say this, but more zombies, please!

* It's been mentioned before, but the repetitiveness of the same characters being described in the same way in the same book over and over again is starting to grate a bit. Once at the beginning of a new book, fine, but I don't need constant reminders that Asher's hair is truly gold in the same book, thank you.

* Laurell K. Hamilton needs a new proofreader or editor, because a lot of little things, misspellings, additional unneeded commas, are irritating to see. In the first couple books, fine, but we're on book 11 now - it's okay to let someone proofread.

In the end though, I did manage to enjoy parts of Cerulean Sins, and the secondary characters were great for comic relief here and there (Zebrowski and Jason, I love you). But it sort of feels like the book wasn't finished right, and I'm left disappointed. 2 1/2 stars.
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Laurell K. Hamilton
“Neither love nor evil conquers all, but evil cheats more.”
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