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Blood Brothers (Sign of Seven trilogy #1) by Nora Roberts
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Apr 18, 2010

really liked it
bookshelves: paranormal-romance
Read from February 28 to March 02, 2010

This was a very interesting read and I think I picked a great time to read this book. It was raining and very cold outside and what better to do than lay on the couch covered up while thrown into a good book and drinking hot tea.

The story captured me right away, the characters were awsome and I actually laughed out loud in some parts.

Caleb, Fox, and Gage are 3 young boys who decide to venture out on the eve of their 10th birthday and camp out in the woods by the well known Pagan Stone that everyone warns to stay away from. Not only do they sneak off to do this but they think they are grown up (Men) to try beer, cigerettes, and look at nude magazines. They soon find out that the beer is not all what grown-ups make it out to be and they get sick and pass out. They wake up a couple of hours later and start a fire and start talking about making a pact at midnight and sliced a small portion in their wrist to mingle their blood to become blood brothers.

Little did the boys know, their lives changed, and events started happening and they were given insights/power and a piece of a stone that fit together to make a whole stone, called a blood stone. When they left the woods, every enjury, wound, or illness they had had been cured - for example - Cal wore glasses when he first went into the woods and after the pact and the action of the pagan stone, he could see 20/20.

I don't want to spoil the book but things happen through out the town every 7 years for 7 days, evil things happen and people don't realize it or even remember their actions except for the 3 Blood brothers and some members of their family. Black and White magic is at work or some call it religion and witch craft have a hand in with the sacred ground and the Pagan stone. But somehow, those 3 boys set the black magic loose and now they have to figure out a way to stop it.

Here it is now that the boys are fixing to be 31 yrs old, things get stirred up when Quinn - a writer - comes to town to write and figure out the scoop of strange things happening at Calebs request. Little does Quinn know when she and Cal find themselves in love with each other as the story thickens. Layla and Cybil are added to the equation as their paths are crossed.

In the end, all their paths come together as they learn that they all have blood ties to an event that took place with the Pagan Stone and they must all work together to stop the evil madness before July.

Now I have to read the next book in the series to find out if they - all six of them - find a way to stop the evil.

2nd book in the trilogy is "The Hollow"
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Laura the Highland Hussy this was a really good trilogy!

message 2: by Laurie (last edited Feb 21, 2010 05:40PM) (new) - rated it 5 stars

Laurie Garrison I agree with Laurie! I wish I could find more books like these.

Ronda  Tutt I'm going to see if they have it at the half price book store, it looks like it would be good. I have never read any of Nora Roberts books before so I am looking forward to reading another authors works.

Laura the Highland Hussy I think my favorite NR trilogy was the Dance of the Gods one...super awesome! try for the NR books

message 5: by Werner (new)

Werner My cousin in Iowa, a retired schoolteacher, recommended Nora Roberts' work to me two or three years ago. At the time, I didn't pay much heed to it (my to-read list would already require a ream of paper to write out fully :-)), but I've been more curious lately as to whether I should give her work a try, after all.

Ronda  Tutt Hi Werner, I know that most of Nora Roberts books are considered Modern romance books but in my personal opinion, they don't have the romance in them that I am use to. These books so far have great and respectible taste so far. Her books focus more on the story instead of the romance. So far I am enjoying them, especially now that I am in the second book and learning more about the Pagan stone, the guardian, and the demon.

message 7: by Werner (new)

Werner Well, Ronda, that answers the one misgiving I had; so I think I will give her writing a try eventually. Thanks!

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