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The Incredible Shrinking Man by Richard Matheson
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Mar 12, 2010

it was ok
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Read from March 05 to 11, 2010

** spoiler alert ** Really? This actually got positive reviews?

It physically pains me to put a Matheson book on my Kill-Me-Now list. I cannot believe a man who can write such amazing books could write this drivel.

This could've been great! I didn't give it 2 stars out of pity. The idea behind it was fantastic. The reason he shrank, the way it affected his wife and daughter, his rage against it, his struggle for survivial. This is all good stuff, great storytelling.

But jesus fucking christ, will you just SHUT UP and get to the POINT already?! I wish I'd picked up the actual book instead of the audiobook. Skimming past all the bullshit filler, I'd have finished this in maybe two days. Tops.

He gets the thread. He bends the pin. He lost the pin, OH NOES! He got more thread! He got another cracker! He lost the cracker. WAH MY CRACKER. Oh, found another cracker! Laying on the sponge. Getting off the sponge. Hey, did I mention I have a SPONGE?!

And WTF was the point of the circus part, seriously? "Oh, you're just like me! TELL YOUR WIFE! NOW!" Seriously? If I was the editor of this manuscript, I'd have been just ripping out pages and burning them right in front of Matheson.

And why must he be so petulant and WHINY? Rage I understand. I don't fault him for losing his temper with his wife and his daughter. But for christ's sake, he wasn't even likable! I was really hoping for the final sentence to be, "And then he was stepped on." Alternately, "And then a giant bird swooped down and ate him."

What a waste.
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Joshua Wow, Bunny! I think I love you! I finished this stinker today, and your review hits on everything I didn't like about it, right down to feeling a little guilty for borderline hating a book by Richard Matheson.

Bunny Feeling a little guilty for borderline hating a book by Richard Matheson.

Seriously, I had to read about five other books by him afterwards to make up for how awful I felt for hating this one. SO BAD.

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