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Dead Is the New Black by Marlene Perez
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Feb 19, 2010

did not like it
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Recommended for: Generation Dead fans
Read from February 19 to 20, 2010

Where to start?

Dead Is the New Black was one of the cheesiest books I've ever read.

Daisy, one of the Flower girls (her sisters are Poppy and Rose. How witty!) is completely boring. Aside from breaking into a !!!Mortuary!!! with her boyfriend Ryan (and making out there when busted as a "cover up"--weird right?) she's a basic follower who goes along with every situation.
Example- Daisy "I don't want to cheer-lead." Samantha, cheer captain "Tryouts are in 5 minutes, be there." Daisy "Omigawd! Okay, whatever you say! I hate your guts but I will listen and follow you and my cheer-girls around everywhere!" END SCENE.

The "b*tchy" cheerleader Samantha drags a coffin around school, and guess what? It becomes a big fad, along with "deathly" colors becoming a must needed staple in every cheerleaders closet. You know how the cliche goes, right? The most popular girl in school, always the head cheerleader, influences everything, is, of course, blonde, and has the hottest boyfriend. **sighs** Moving on..

The Flower Girls are interchangeable. The suffer from "lackingpersonalityitis", a condition widely found in the community of Nightshade.

Did I get to boyfriend, Ryan, yet? He's a real stunner up in there second only to Sean, Samantha's boyfriend. He says things like woozy, blushes like a school girl on a first date, and has keys to the mortuary (he takes chicks back into the cooler area for kissy sessions). What more could you want right?

The plot is so silly too, yet not in an appealing way. Save the Cheerleaders from the soul sucking vamp! It's obvious the culprit from the beginning, but I won't tell.

As for the world, the author didn't even try to establish any back drop. Werewolves, vampires, witches, and psychics are just there and accepted.

There's one good thing about this book and that's that it's short. I have the inability to quit a crappy book, sadly.
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02/19/2010 page 51
26.84% "Kinda weird and dumb. But very short and has a lot of voice. Will finish."
02/20/2010 page 204
100% "one of THE worst books I've read."
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Shannon I totally agree. Fantasies only work if they are well written and this one was not. I mean cheerleaders dragging around coffins? Really? I read it a couple months ago and all I remember is that it was bad. Thats it. Thats how memorable this book was. I am definitely not reading the sequel.

Kristen "Kirby" Yeah, I skipped it myself. Just terrible.

Heather i got to page 35 and stopped wasting my time ..stupid book

tyler botz I think the book is way better than you guys say it is

message 5: by Alyssa (new) - added it

Alyssa I'm thinking you guys are taking out anger on the book it's actually pretty interesting any body know what's actually going on in the book

Kristin I actually used to like this story until I realized how self-absorbed Daisy could be. As well as insecure regarding her relationship with her boyfriend Ryan

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