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Feb 17, 2010

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Vampire Academy is a difficult book to review.

On one hand, it is a variation on the norm and Rose is definitely not the usual character occupying the myriad of PRNs these days. The writing style is blessedly free of awkward construction and mistakes. In fact, the writing isn't too bad at all.

The secondary characterizations are quite good for the most part, and well rounded. The pacing is agonizingly slow at the beginning of the book and doesn't pick up until the last fifty pages. The lore behind the story is complex, convoluted and somewhat ridiculous.

So you have the Moroi's, a race of weak, magic wielding vampires and the Dhampires who are their stronger "Guardians". The only way that Dhampires breed is if they are lucky enough to get up to shenanigans with the Moroi (who won't marry them) and have illegitimate bastard children. However this is somehow okay for this race because they can't breed amongst themselves and if you're a Dhampire male than you can just give up on the idea of ever having children because extreme chances are that you won't.

The Dhamires are the Moroi's Guardians against another race of vampires, the Strogoi, who want to feast on Moroi flesh.

But you'd think that, on behalf of your race, if you were a Dhampire and naturally stronger and tougher then these Moroi - you'd just conquer them and keep them as your slaves. Who wants to dedicate their lives (their entire lives - they literally LIVE to protect the Moroi) just for the faint chance of being able to reproduce? Especially with a race that looks down on you!

It just doesn't make sense and the dynamics don't really compute. I mean, okay, I'm not the most ethical person out there but if I were a stronger, tougher breed of vampire and the weak vampires came and said, "Okay, we'll keep you as our Guardians and have drunken, disrespectful sex with you on occasion as long as you protect us from the Strogoi." I'd probably respond with, "How about I protect you by keeping you in my dank, dark cellar as my slave while I take over the world? Does that sound fair to you?"

It's just the way nature works FFS! The pay off isn't anywhere near the sacrifice!

Guardian women either have to give up their children or quit, have no income and become a "blood whore" (those that feed the Moroi - something that's looked down upon as beyond disgusting). I'm sorry. I vote for overthrowing the weak, pissy Moroi and ruling over them as tyrants. It definitely would be a more feasible option with less likelihood of me ending up screwed over.

The love story surprised me. I spent the entire book up until the last few pages thinking it was extremely gross, if not weird and awkward. I didn't and I still don't feel any chemistry between the main two love interests. They seem to be thrown together by the author with nothing real between them to make you think that they actually belong together. The last part of the book redeemed a lot of that for me though with the encouraging decisions made by the male romantic lead.

Over all, it's not a bad read if you're into teenage romances and school stories. The School aspect plays a major role in this book, particularly the politics of the average teen life. For those who were immensely glad to leave high school behind, this book may not be for you.
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30.12% "So far... it's pretty boring and I'm not so much into it. Nothing really original except for the lore which is convoluted and nonsensical."
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Tatiana As far as vamp series go, this is my fave, but I see your point. Nice review. If you read the 2nd book you might enjoy Adrian more than Dimitri.

Kat Kennedy Yes, I think I will read the second book. I did actually enjoy it to some extent. I probably should have mentioned how impressed I was with her responsible depiction of depression, particularly teenage depression.

Now off to wiki this "Adrian" and see what I am getting myself in for!

CJ - It's only a Paper Moon "Over all, it's not a bad read if you're into teenage romances and school stories. The School aspect plays a major role in this book, particularly the politics of the average teen life. For those who were immensely glad to leave high school behind, this book may not be for you"

Yeah, this was part of my problem. It felt too young and too flat for me.

Kat Kennedy Exactly - I find it hard to get involved in a story that reflects the golden (or not so golden) age of pimples and catfights over what amounts to - nothing!

Was too young but I enjoyed the second and third book because the focus was taken off the school aspect.

Sheree Yeah I do agree with your review. I really don't recommend this book for any young teenagers

Kat Kennedy Yeah, I really wasn't into this first book.

J.D. Field Love your analysis of the different species dynamics.

Velvia Keithley I liked these books, but I laughed so hard at your review. You are completely right. The premise is a bit ridiculous. Good review!!!

message 9: by Mei (new) - rated it 4 stars

Mei Now that you mention it, dhampirs (or whatever they're called) should totally take over the Miory (I'm bad with names...). Like during the entire book I was like, "That is totally unfair... like so basically you become their slaves without ever living a real life so you could eventually reproduce with one then have them abandon you? Like what's the point of living only to become a servant." I kind of what to slap a Miory right now... like this is exactly like racism...

Sasha  Mizaree (Reviews) yeah, I really didn't appreciate the dynamics, and the hypocrisy. I'll have sex with you but you're not good enough to marry. I'll suck your blood and let it keep me alive, but I'll look down on you. Greaat.

Pandionhalatius37.6 It wasn't bad, right? But not shocking, either. I got a sense of... I'm not sure, distance I guess. The slave thing would have made this much better.

Kuljeet I agree with most of your review except for the part of the two main love interests. I think Dimitri and Rose's love was real, not just something thrown together by the author. The brief fling between Jesse and Rose was something unecessary thrown in by the author. Also, what do you think of Rose's personality? I really wanna know what you think cuz your reviews are always so awesome lol :)

Brittany Suggestion: I don't know if you have already, but you should check out Cassandra Clare's books. While the characters in that series are younger than the ones in this series (15-17? vs. VA's 17-18?), it doesn't feel like a young person's book. The Mortal Instruments is probably my favorite series (though Clare's prequel series The Infernal Devices are amazing as well). Check out City of Bones, and you won't be disappointed.

Kat Kennedy Hi Brittany,

Thank you for your suggestion. here is my review of City of Bones and here is my review of Clockwork Angel.

Thank you for taking the time to rec something though. I always appreciate recommendations!



Haley If you didn't totally enjoy this book I suggest trying other richelle mead books to maybe suggest a new opinion. One I enjoyed of hers was Storm Born. It is the first of the Dark Swan series.

Lilila hahahaha i always love to read your reviews! they always make me laugh, even if i loved the book!!! :) :)

Somerandom You know I kind of assumed the Maori brainwashed them for generations. Like in Underworld, these strong Lycans were being used as bodyguards for the vampires simply because they were so downtrodden and controlled. I figured that eons ago the Dhampirs were just controlled until generations later they somehow construed the idea that what they were doing was an important duty that they were honored to do.

Rachel I agree with Lilila! Your reviews are absolutely hilarious :)

Paula I was soo confused with who sucks whom and that means what. You really cleared that up for me. They need to put that part in the back of the book. "If you are still confined refer to pg.207 where this paragraph explains who sucks and who is a blood whore and why that's bad" tho I like @Somerandom's theory or should I say Underworlds theory on how Dhampirs are the strong non ruling silent bodyguard type in all this. On your review alone I shall attempt the next book in this series.

 Marla I just finished the last book (Last Sacrifice) this week and it was my favorite of the whole series.

I really liked Vampire Academy and I *swoon* adore Dimitri, but you had some great points! You're right, dhampirs probably should revolt or intermarriage should be accepted, so everyone can have little dhampirs.

I liked Rose better in other books, but I did have a hard time with Dimitri's attraction to an underage student, but he's too awesome to be a perv. And she does grow up.

Wenjie Yes, and another thing is that the Moroi vampires are literally freakin MAGICAL, but they won't use that against the Strigoi?? Why??? And why do the Strigoi hate the Moroi again?

Beige I'll make this short. If you don't like teen paranormal romance books, don't read teen paranormal romance books. Wow, that was easy.

Kat Kennedy I'll make this short. I've read about 10x the number of YA books as you have. So one could question who the real fan is. Phew, that should have been easy to grasp, but apparently not.

message 24: by Jo (new)

Jo Kat, these books were the Kindle daily deal a few days ago. I passed on them and after reading your review, I am glad I did. They don't sound bad, just not my cup of tea.

message 25: by Richard (last edited Feb 13, 2014 04:22AM) (new) - added it

Richard Tokebroker Beige wrote: "I'll make this short. If you don't like teen paranormal romance books, don't read teen paranormal romance books. Wow, that was easy."

Bro, do you even review? She gave it three stars! Not two, not one, but three! Hover your mouse over the three star, what does it say? I liked it. Yeah. She liked it. Go back to your Twilight forums and discuss how Harry Potter fans are just Nazis with wands or something. That should make you feel just an itty bit better.

Malinalli Great story, but horrible writing.

Ellie You make a lot of very good, very pertinent points. It actually made me rethink my view on the book. So, you know, thanks.

message 28: by Elle (new) - rated it 2 stars

Elle I'm only 50 pages in and agree with you wholeheartedly.

Holli 50% into it and so far I agree. It is just.....meh. I have read better and I have read worse. Actually care more for Christian and Lissa. Far more interesting and many diff ways for the story to progress.
I just don't care much for Rose. Can't identify with her. Yes! What is with the I serve you until death bit? As far as needing them for sperm...can't u just take it and go? lol
Hopeful that Rose will mature and that things will get better.

Mickey The Dhampires might be strong but, as you mentioned, (and I am surprised no one here has mentioned this!) the Moroi have MAGIC. The Dhampires would be dead if they tried to over throw the Moroi.... I don't want to write spoilers so I can't really add quotes and stuff from the books to back up this statement, but I am seriously surprised that no one noted this.
Secondly, I don't see how you could think they don't have chemistry. Their relationship is slow building, but the spark is ceeeerrrrtainly there. Of course, I am actually in favour of a different choice for her, but I see how particular events end up and am in favour of her choosing who she loves most. :)
Also, to others here, they all graduate pretty soon so the whole "high school drama" thing is cut a bit. Not that I dislike the drama. I find it fascinating and love her witty banter and comebacks.

I read these books when I was 16 and I am reading them again at 22. I disagree whole heartedly with your review. Just my opinion.

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