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Brightly Woven by Alexandra Bracken
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Feb 16, 2010

did not like it
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Read on May 03, 2010

I don't think I've ever given up on a book so quickly - PAGE 2, I swear, I give every book a fair chance, but I disliked the writing from the first page - it was so strangely immature, so empty, so cliche, as if written by a 14-year old, with no finesse or artistry, no spark. Some of my friends really liked it, but it didn't work for me at all. I am not willing to push myself further to see if it gets better...
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message 1: by Sharon (new) - added it

Sharon oh no I'm sad now! I was planning on starting this soon. :(

message 2: by Penny (last edited May 03, 2010 09:49AM) (new) - rated it 4 stars

Penny Dang! Looks like I'm 0-2 in the recommendations department. Sorry you disliked this one. And I hope you didn't purchase it, especially since you didn't finish reading it. If so, I hope you're able to return it (if not, I really am sorry).

I've been meaning to write a review to explain why I love this book so much, especially now that you're the second of my goodreads friends to totally not like this book. I have reasons for loving this book, none of which have to do with the actual writing. I like the story and the characters. And, I don't know, when it comes to YA books being published these days, I think this is definitely one of the better ones. Most new YA fantasy books make me want to poke my eyes out. This one didn't. Plus, I like Sidelle is a strong/independent girl character but doesn't come across as butch or unnecessarily angry.

Also, I discovered Alexandra Braken was forced to edit the hell out of this book in order for it to come in under the word count the publishing company set. So, unfortunately a lot of characters/scenes were edited out and I think the story/character development suffers because of it.

But, yeah, I still love this book. I know, there's really no good reason to LOVE it, but I do. I should warn people when I feel this way about a book.

Anyway, I'm soooooo sorry.

Tatiana Please, don't feel bad about this. What I have learned very quickly using GR is that different people have different tastes and there is absolutely nothing you can do about it. Even with my bestest friends I do not share many faves (look at me and Heather, we hardly agree on anything). You did recommend Before I Fall and I enjoyed it a lot.

And no, I didn't buy Brightly Woven. I only buy books that I absolutely have to have and reread, the rest I get from my local library.

Kat Kennedy I so agree with this review. The writing was just so confused and vague!

Though Penny's comment about editing explains a lot. It always felt to me like many scenes were half missing!

message 5: by Crystal (new) - added it

Crystal Uh oh I have this on my TBR. I guess I will wait to read it for awhile...

Tatiana It might work for you after all. You know how it is:)

message 7: by Heather (new)

Heather LOL, T is right, she and I hardly ever agree on books though I lobes her anyway ;). Though it is blast gushing over shared faves. But T hated City of Bones and that let me know right there that we would be hard pressed to have shared faves, lol.

message 8: by I am Bastet (new)

I am Bastet I read the first chapter of this book in the store and had the exact same reaction you did. I thought I would like it given the blurb, but then I actually started it and blah. Good thing I didn't buy.

Tatiana A very wise observation:) Obviously, this book is liked by many people. It just didn't work for me, it happens.

Afton Nelson I'm in the same boat: about 100 pages in and so frustrated with the inane dialogue and cliched characters. Nothing about his story seems original or interesting. But I will press on.

Caitlin Wyatt Oh this is harsh, to me Alex seems like a total sweetheart, may the force be with you Alex :)

Victoria Schwab Wow, Amelia, that seems frightfully harsh without knowing the authors. Alex is a total sweetheart, but I don't think any author deserves to be personally attacked, even if you didn't like the book :*(

message 13: by Ruta (new) - rated it 5 stars

Ruta Sepetys I loved this book!

Breanne I usually don't think it's fair to rate a book when you've only read two pages of it. It's not fair to the author to not look at least at a larger part of their work before giving your opinion.

But alas, your assessment is pretty much how I felt after reading the entire thing... which really doesn't lend credence to my whole motto there. I felt that this was poorly written and I was confused several times through this, because many things weren't explained or fully developed. I'm surprised to hear that there was heavy editing done to this book, because she should have caught many of these problems.

Tatiana Breanne, in this case it is very generous of you to give this book 4 stars.

I don't like to give my assessment without reading a book in full, but 1 star on GR means "I didn't like it" and if I couldn't force myself to read more than 2 pages of it, I think this rating is justified. Why would I finish something I find badly written? I'd rather read something I enjoy.

Thanks for commenting

Breanne Lol, I've been haggling with myself on what rating to give it, because I did enjoy the adventure element of the story, I'm a sucker for fantasy. But I understand now why you did the 1 star rating, and it makes sense. If I don't finish a book that's really bugging me, I usually don't rate it because I feel bad for the author, bringing the book's rating down when I didn't listen to everything they had to say. But it looks like your instincts were right, I wish I could do that! Instead, most of the time I think, "maybe it'll get better in a few pages..."

message 17: by Miss Clark (last edited Aug 31, 2010 03:29PM) (new) - rated it 4 stars

Miss Clark Penny wrote: "Dang! Looks like I'm 0-2 in the recommendations department. Sorry you disliked this one. And I hope you didn't purchase it, especially since you didn't finish reading it. If so, I hope you're a..."

First of all, I too really liked the story and characters, though I had my share of issues with the technical aspects.

I had no idea she had to cut so much out!!! That possibly explains a lot and also supports my whole "the publishing industry is ostly to blame for mediocre YA/adult fantasy/paranormal novels because either they push them ahead before the book is ready for publication or insist that the story be cut down and butchered for length/word-count that the good stuff makes no sense" theory that will soon become an essay type rant if things continue. Anyway, found that very interesting...

Maddie so you say "i give every book a fair chance" and stopped on page 2? the book is really amazing, and the girl who wrote it is very young and this is her first book. so dont get all critical like that.

Tatiana I don't understand why I should care how old the author is. I judge the book for what it is - and it is so bad that I couldn't read more than 2 pages. Don't waste your time trying to defend something that should speak for itself.

Maddie im sorry, im just saying, the very first book somebody writes isnt going to be the best.

message 21: by Ria (new) - rated it 5 stars

Ria I loved this book! you really should have stuck with it.....:( I finished this book in less then 2 days that's how good it is!

Sarah How can you rate a book which you only read two pages of? Although you clearly state that fact in your review, it skews the averages, and may be misleading and to those who assume people actually read a book before rating it.

Magdalen Dobson Umm... where do I start? TWO PAGES? It is ridiculous to rate a book based on two pages! How on earth can you even attempt to give a semblance of an educated review based on two pages of reading a story? Give it up after two pages if you want, but don't write an actual review based on those two pages!

Tatiana Hm, where does it say I am required to give an educated review, Magdalen? I think my displeasure with the first couple of pages is enough to warrant 1 star (I didn't like it) from me.

Thanks for stopping by.

message 25: by Amber J. (new)

Amber J. your reviews are usually spot on so I'm not even going to waste $$ on this one lol

Maddie i agree, how can u rate a book on 2 pages....??

message 27: by Maya (new) - rated it 5 stars

Maya i thought this book was hilarious especially how North the wizard is described. you should read at least to page 30. thats how i usually rate my books as readable. give it a try.

Ashleigh Harsh words... I didn't think that about the book at all.

message 29: by Nuzaifa (new) - added it

Nuzaifa - Word Contessa PAGE 2?Wow.That Bad?

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