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What Looks Like Crazy on an Ordinary Day by Pearl Cleage
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Feb 15, 2010

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Read in February, 2010

** spoiler alert ** I grabbed it after i saw the Oprah book club circle at the top. I am very naughty. I am not an Oprah worshipper (never watched her show in entirety EVER) but after picking up books with the 'O' in the corner over the years and thoroughly enjoying them, it's an easy sell for me.

Well, it's not one of those typical Black books 'cook out/'sangin' at church/story revolving around some Biblical parable. So that's an A+. It has some 'erotica' without being vulgar and disgusting. Another A+. All the book seemed to suddenly deflate at the end somehow. It wasn't terrible. Wasn't great, but wasn't terrible either.

(don't think it should be a book of the month club choice but hey i don't make that call).

It's probably the only story about an AIDs patient who has a 'happy ending' I've ever read. And somehow the whole:

AVA: I have AIDS...
EDDIE: Do you want to have sex with me?
AVA: Yes...
EDDIE: we just have to use a condom right?
*passionate sex*

Seems VERY unrealistic. She didn't say she had the clap she said she had a disease that is INCURABLE and TERMINAL. You'll die a pretty hideous death. No matter how much you like someone starting off in a relationship, I think you'd want to wait at least a couple of days after hearing that have AIDs to hop in the sack. Or maybe I'm just a self-righteous prude.... But I guess it's good of the author to dispel the many misconceptions of AIDs.

Second, wasn't eddie in the military when Ava was only 8? So he's at least 10yrs older than her if not more. That's kinda gross having a relationship with best friend's wife's baby sister who he watched grow up... Man I am destroying this book! but it wasn't too bad, not too bad...

It did show Black men in wonderful light (by way of Eddie) and that dashing bit where he goes "If I can't protect you I can't love you" *turns into puddle of goo* If a man would say that to me earnestly, he could roll me home in a barrel (i'm probably joking)

I'm done!
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