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Social Anarchism or Lifestyle Anarchism by Murray Bookchin
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message 1: by Flint (new)

Flint Bookchin is dead.

Also, Bookchin pretty much renounced organizing people as workers and felt that folks had more in common on a community basis, than at the point of production (I don't agree with him giving up workers' struggles).

He did organize workers in the past with the CIO.

message 2: by Ezra (new)

Ezra The one time I went to ISE for a weekend someone asked Bookchin a critical question and B flew off the handle and yelled the questioner down: "you goddamn potsmoking lifestylist!!!" What a tool. However, this book title did inspire me to wear a fur-collared coat, diamond earrings, and white gloves to a halloween show at The Farm and tell people I was attending as a "Social Anarchist." Thanks for the memories, Scrapple.

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