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Bitter Is the New Black by Jen Lancaster
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Nov 11, 2007

did not like it
Recommended for: no one who has a brain
Read in January, 2008

Ok. I can not yet determine what makes me more angry- the fact that Jennifer wrote this book and how egotistical and boring she is, or the fact that I bought this ridiculous “memoir” about her pathetic life. I kept waiting for it to get interesting, for my mind to buy into her musings. But the more I read the more annoyed I became. I wish I could give her some type of accolade, like the book was horrible but she is a good writer, but there is not one good thing I have to say. The first chapter she rambles on about some business boat trip and doesn’t explain the relevance. The next chapter she is talking about a friendship that deteriorated in high school and again doesn’t explain anything. She writes using terms such as “gag me” and writes some words in ALL CAPS and italics to emphasize a point but all of these are so overused you realize that you would rather poke needles in your eye than finish this damn book. If Goodreads allowed you to give negative stars- I would give this a -5. Do you think Jennifer will give me my $13.95 back?
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message 1: by Christina (new)

Christina Thank you!

That book was too bloggy by half and She is so smug and horrible that I couldn't root for her. I was hoping worse thing would happen.

I had decided to write a frothy novel after reading Bitter is the New Black, becuase honestly, if she can make money on that tripe, I can write a book that will get me enough money to take a trip somewhere tropical.

Good Review!

Nicole I find her funny. It's not that she's boring she's "real" in a bitchy sorta way. She says out loud what we secretly think. I actually didn't purchase her book I swapped it with someone so I don't feel cheated. It's to bad you didn't like it. I read Bright Lights, Big Ass first...I agree with you on the fact that her life is not in the least intresting!

Megan Richards I'm only a chapter in(and find Jen absolutely hilarious, by the way), but I think the "annoying" caps and silly phrases serve exactly the purpose they're supposed to: They are annoying and supposed to be.

Stacey Marie You either get her or you don't. I have enjoyed all of her smart ass memoirs.

Jessica Serrett Yeah I think it's one of those "you either love her or hate her" things. If you think she's a horrible person, you must be a saint because most people have the same thoughts that she says.

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