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The Well-Trained Mind by Susan Wise Bauer
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Feb 14, 2010

really liked it

Although I am NOT a home-schooler, I'm really glad that I came across this book, and more especially the workbooks and history books that are also put together by this author (in fact, I'd recommend spending your money on those and reading this from the library if you have an interest in it). This book has a really thought-provoking take on what is lacking in public school education. Some points I agree with, others I don't, but on the whole I felt like I came away from this book with lots of ideas about how to supplement and enrich my children's education, which was what I hoped to get out of it. For those who do home-school, I would think this would be an invaluable resource if you are interested in Classical Education.

More on the workbook & history book:

I ordered on amazon The Story of the World: Volume 1 Ancient Times and the activity book that goes along with it, The Story of the World: Activity Book One Ancient Times and love them. The history book is perfect for young elementary school kids like mine, with really short chapters that briefly teach about key parts of ancient history - the idea being to just start building a knowledge base. For example, the first chapter talks about nomads in the fertile crescent; the second chapter introduces ancient egypt and their belief system, etc. But what I'm REALLY excited about is the activity book - such great ideas and resources. It includes maps meant for you to copy and have the kids color, and then it also has really fun projects that go along with each chapter, like making a simple model of the Nile river in a big tupperware pan with dirt and water and grass seed - or (I'm super excited to try this) to mummify a chicken (the instructions are surprisingly simple involving nothing that you don't probably already have in your kitchen - and it's a frozen whole chicken like you buy at the grocery store, not like a live chicken from a farm that you have to slaughter yourself).

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