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The Wandering Fire by Guy Gavriel Kay
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Feb 14, 2010

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Read in February, 2010

This one I liked better than it's predecessor. The beginning was rough and really had nothing more than tidying up loose ends from the last, creating a time line jump, and then getting everyone back where they had to be.

I still find myself only interested at all in two of The Five, Paul and then Jennifer, but I am massively in love and rapt with a whole lot of the secondary characters and large swags of certain Finoavar races. I do feel that the first book portrayed the Evil vs. Good sides more clearly and evenly, while this one had a whole lot on what was happening on The Good Guy's Side.

There's a whole lot of loose ends in this one. Where the first book could stand alone, so much is left unattended to, or pushed to the side, that I feel I wanted to see more of, whether person or place or event or happening. And certain other things happens so fast looking back I wonder if they were supposed to have mattered more to me.

Of course, you know I loved it when they brought Arthurian Legends into it. (Finally. Something to cling to hard until Ysabelle.) I really, really like what they are doing with that legend here, how it blurs, how everyone loves everyone, and hopefully book three won't have me eating these words.

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