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Beyond the Dark by Angela Knight
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Feb 12, 2010

really liked it
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Read in March, 2008

From Beyond the Dark Antho...

Okay, here's the thing. I'm not a big antho fan. I know what they are- nothing more than a marketing tool with a short story by one author I do like in order to get me to read a short by an unknown before the release of unknown's new book. Yet I fall for it, because, dangit, I can't resist a story by an author I love.

I broke it down per story, so here goes:

In a Wolf's Embrace by Lora Leigh

A cabin romance, Matthias- one of LL's Wolf breeds, has known Grace as his mate from his first scent of her. But he's got a job to do, and he's not beyond using her to get it done. His plans are to move forward with his mission- to assassinate one of the top council officials who was instrumental in torturing him and many other breeds while imprisoned years back- than take off with her and take care of this mating business. Unfortunately things go awry and Grace catches him just as he shoots the creep dead.

Yeah, that makes seduction difficult, but kidnapping her and then sequestering her in a secluded cabin til the mating hormones do there thing, should do the trick.

And it did.

I liked in a Wolf's Embrace much better than the entry in the Shifter Antho (review to follow). These short stories work best for me if they stick with the over the top sex- simply because there is no time for any real development of plot and characters.

Still, it wasn't enough to make it a fav, so

3.5 out of 5 from me.

Dragon Dance by Angela Knight

I liked this one though the humor felt forced as well as the world AK created. Um, well the world Marvel Comics created I should say.

Yeah, it's a total x-men ripoff with a spirit guide twist. (The people get the powers by alien anima/animus that live in their bodies).

But I liked it enough to possibly, possibly, pick up a full length if she ever writes it. (I'm kind of up in the air about it though.)

Arial Dean , a hostage negotiator for the local police, is called in when a `Hyper'- ie. Mutant to you and me- threatens his wife and children by holding them hostage. When they discover he has abilities consistent with the Hypers- the mutants in AK's world- they call in the FBI who then send in Tracker, a Hyper handler, to take out the dangerous new mutant. During the ensuing melee, Arial herself is changed into a Hyper and while on their way to a hidden complex, Tracker and Arial discover that her new power is far more than either one of them could anticipate.

As I said, I liked this story. It's sexy and intriguing and made me curious about the world AK is creating- or borrowing and making her own!

4 out of 5

Queen of all She Surveys by Emma Holly

This one is pure Emma Holly. EH is one of those who started out early in the erotica/romantica game. She's had the time to grow into it and she does it well.

Set either in the distant future, or another world- I can't remember which- it's all about magic and shifters. Tou Is the Queen, and she needs and uses sex to handle a stable of men at her disposal. Prince Memnon is a warrior prince from another land who needs over the top sex as well, but has limited himself due to his incredible strength, which could tear apart a normal woman- if he loses control. (bit of an eyeroll there). When they come together through an arranged marriage, they find they are made for each other. Add a dash of political intrigue and you have a hot little number that worked well enough for it's short story format.

3.5 out of 5

Caught by the Tides by Diane Whiteside

Yeah, this one didn't hold interest for me- and it's supposed to be the one we're hooked into.

Set in 1803, it's full of Napoleonic war references and mages who control the elements for the King. You'd think it'd work for me, considering the fact I love fantasy.

It didn't.

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