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Killer Secrets by Lora Leigh
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Mar 01, 10

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bookshelves: contemp-rom, rom-military, romance, rom-suspense, alpha-hero
Read in March, 2008

Other than The Breeds, this is the only series I continue to read with Lora Leigh.

It's a simple series- a team of Navy Seals and their Happily Ever After love stories. Throw in a bit of suspense, and you got it in a nutshell.

Okay there's lots of steam too!

In KS we get Ian's story. Ian is uber hot and uber alpha! His love interest, Kira (introduced in Hidden Agendas), was a good match for him though.

But I did have issues, which I'll get to later.

Here's the send up:

As we discovered at the end of Hidden Agendas, Ian is the long lost son of drug dealing baddie Diego Fuentes. Because of what Diego and the enigmatic Sorrell did to fellow Seal team member Nathan, Ian decides its time to take his father up on his offer to have Ian take over his business dealings. When I say offer, I mean blackmail. Diego has promised to hunt down every team member until he does so! After what he sees happens to Nathan, Ian decides it's time to end it. He leaves his buddies for the dark side ... supposedly. But he is of course under deep cover to bring his father down. In fact, he means to kill him.

Enter Kira. Known as the Chameleon, the Department Of Homeland Security's master of disguises, she can blend in anywhere- with no one the wiser. Except Ian, he's always been able to spot her. He instinctively knows her, as she does him. Which is why she knows he is not the good guy turned bad he's showing to the world. Thus, she makes her way down to Aruba to help him ... only she has her own mission. Will she be able to accomplish what the DHS has assigned her to do, even if it means betraying the man she loves, or will she stand by his side, once and for all?

I loved this couple. They oozed sexy, repressed chemistry and I loved seeing them hook up. Unfortunately, it got sorta old by 2/3's in, because they were hooking up every other page. I like alotta sex in my books as much as the next gal- that's my candy reads- but at some point it just gets old.

The other issue I had, was the fact I didn't buy much of the characters' motivations. Oh I got Kira, and even Ian to an extent, but Diego's was a tough sell for me. The big bad of the previous books, I didn't buy his wanting his son's love so much it showed in every hurt look that came into his eye's when Ian supposedly rejected him. And another thing, why would such a big bad drug lord hand over the reigns to a son who wasn't even trying to hide his contempt? ::shrug:: Just didn't seem believable to me. LL should've had Ian internalize some of that, imo.

(oh and their were tons of typos in this one. Where are the editors?)
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