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Radiant Shadows by Melissa Marr
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Apr 17, 2010

it was amazing

Let me first just say, I am not sure if Melissa has some sort of time line or character map or how she keeps this all straight, but the way this whole series has woven together is just amazing. She seems to think of everything! All the characters from the past three books play some sort of role in this story and the way all the individual worlds melt into one is just amazing to me.

That being said, when I started this series, I got attached to the characters in Wicked Lovely and did not think I would like reading about the Dark Court as much, yeah wrong! I think I like them more, which is really surprising to me, but a good surprising. And after reading Radiant Shadows Ani is now my favorite character! She is so honest and passionate and real, I also love watching her and Devlin interact. Devlin first got introduced to us as the High Queen’s assassin and I did not really think much of him because I did not think he was really going to be a focus. Again, wrong, he plays a huge role in this book and his life choices will shape the future of Faerie. He really grew on me as the book developed and his inner struggle was so fascinating to me. This book also weaves in many characters from the previous books in the series so you feel as though you are being painted a full picture of the lives of the fey. Of those other characters I think Seth is the one that is surprising me the most. I always liked him since the beginning, but he is really developing and has almost become a voice of wisdom and a great fey to have on your side during this chaotic time.

Throughout this book War is growing stronger, causalities are piling up, and every character is being forced into difficult choices. It is so interesting to see how all of those choices are interwoven and affect other characters lives. Another thing that I found interesting was the title of the book, which confused me until the very end of this story and when I figured it out, I said out loud “Omg, Radiant Shadows! That’s so cool!” My husband looked at me like I was crazy, so I had to elaborate my sudden outburst. I am not going to explain here though, you will have to read to find out why the title works because I don’t want to spoil anything.

Overall, I loved this book, it is my favorite in the series, and if you like Melissa’s previous books, then you need to go pick this on up. It is a great story and makes me want the last book that much more!

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