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Upon the Midnight Clear by Sherrilyn Kenyon
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Feb 17, 2010

it was ok
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Read in April, 2009

Aiden is the most handsome, successful actor to come out of Hollywood since Brad Pitt. But betrayals by family members- and by the woman he loved- has made him a bitter recluse.

However his family isn't done with him yet. His psycho brother Donnie has awakened the ancient god Dolor (Ultimate Pain) and is dead set on siccing him on Aiden. Little does Donnie know that when he awakened Pain to do his dirty work, he also awakened the Dream Hunter/Goddess who once placed Dolor in stasis for thousands of years.

Leta has a mission to complete- stop Dolor once and for all- but when she shows up at Aiden's cabin to help the soul-wounded man who is Dolor's next target she knows it's going to be a tough sell. (He doesn't even want to let her in!) And even though she arranges circumstances to give him no other choice, he's does his best to make her feel less than welcome.

No worries, by the time the true reason for her appearance arises- as well as the fact she's a goddess sent to aid him- he's ready to accept her story because he's already falling for her ... and too, he has no other choice but to believe her as she's been in his dreams from the very beginning!

The final showdown and it's denouement is the most romantic part of this fantastical tale, and I did find it romantic. (The whole almost destroying the world through ultimate love is always a winner!)

But I have one big issue with UTMC that makes this novel- such as it is- my biggest disappointment in the Dark Hunter/Dream Hunterverse.

That being the fact it is actually a novella the publishers stretched into a regular sized paperback by making the font bigger. All well and good except they kept the price the same. (Note to Publisher: People don't like feeling cheated. If you continue to do this you'll lose us.)

Add that to the fact the story is fairly forgettable, if a tad self indulgent- (I found myself struggling to remember the plot enough to review it and I couldn't help feeling the entire thing was Kenyon getting back at her detractors)- and you get a 2 out of 5 from me.
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