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The Dark Highlander by Karen Marie Moning
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I dont know which of the twin's stories I like best- Drustan's (Kiss of the Highlander) or Dageus's (The Dark Highlander)- but both are top of the game. At the end of Drustan's story we find Dageus sacrificing his sanity, for all he knew, his very life to see his beloved brother reunited with his mate- but at a cost.

The Dark Highlander begins with Dageus alone in 20th century Manhattan desperately searching for a way to free himself from the 13 evil spirits taking up residence within his body for breaking an ancient pact for personal gain. But he's not alone long, after intrepid Chloe Zanders takes it upon herself to investigate the artifacts spread throughout Dageus's palatial home while making a less than routine delivery.

Chloe has no idea that she's just changed her world forever and that the man who holds the key to ancient Celtic artifacts recently gone missing also holds the key to her heart.

It will take them both to set The Dark Highlander free once and for all but can they do it before Dageus gives in to the darker urges pressing in on him, which will loose the darkness on the unsuspecting world and bring about cataclysmic destruction?

These two books, along with the final book in Moning's popular Highlander series (Spell of the Highlander) are by far my favorites. The men are sexy and in Dageus's case, extremely duressed, yet show all the noble characteristics we love in a romance novel hero. Strong in mind and spirit, Dageus knows his time is short and he's barely keeping the evil within him under control- until he meets the woman who will save his life. He doesnt know this of course, but he does know he needs to protect her, even from himself. Yet Chloe is too clever and curious by far and when she finds out what's really going on-matches him every way! Perfect H/h and hot romance at its best. Dont miss it!

(Dageus is definitely a precursor to another popular character in Moning's Fever series- if you cant get enough of Barron's read this book- plus it gives some subtle clues as to what's going on in the Fever world!)
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message 1: by AgentScully (new) - added it

AgentScully Fab review Z! I loved Drustan (haven't read this one yet).

MelissaB Great review Zeek! As you know, I LOVE Dageus, Drustan and Cian too!

Agent Scully - I think you will like Dageus too!

Zeek Shoot I spelled his name wrong... correcting!

message 4: by Zeek (last edited Dec 25, 2010 07:43PM) (new) - rated it 5 stars

Zeek AScully- Honestly I cant decide which I love most- Drustan or Dageus but I think I favor Kiss of the Highlander. But Dageus is shiveringly yummy! (BUT Spell is actually my very favorite- I reread it right after this one!) :)

message 5: by AgentScully (new) - added it

AgentScully So many hott Highlanders, so little time...

Lisa Drustan is my favorite of the two brothers but I really like Cian too. Are you gearing up for ShadowFever? I CAN NOT WAIT!!!!!!!! Starting to count down the days now.

Zeek I am SO PUMPED for Shadowfever! I'm gonna quickly reread the fever books soon- but yes thinking about Shadowfever got me to thinking about these books- plus I realized I never did a review of The Dark Highlander! (Hence the reread!) It's actually fun seeing the little clues now with the Fever series in mind- especially in Spell!!

message 8: by Catherine (new)

Catherine Ah, I loved this one. I also really enjoyed the next book in the series with Adam.

message 9: by Jason (new)

Jason I find Barrons on the disgusting side, so I suppose I shall stop my Highlander reads at one.

message 10: by Zeek (last edited Apr 28, 2013 05:21AM) (new) - rated it 5 stars

Zeek Moning isnt for everyone. ::shrug:: But jeeze I hope it wasnt the first in this series that you read. That one sucked.

message 11: by Jason (last edited Apr 28, 2013 12:28PM) (new)

Jason I read the Fever quintet. I actually like it a lot except for how the romance between the main characters is atrocious.
And the one Highlander I read was the one about which you said "I dont know which of the twin's stories I like best- Drustan's (Kiss of the Highlander) or Dageus's (The Dark Highlander)- but both are top of the game." I personally think the story did in fact suck in Kiss of the Highlander, but I bumped it up to 2 stars because the physical scenes were effective.

message 12: by Zeek (new) - rated it 5 stars

Zeek ha! Well then yeah, I would say it's not for you.

(Although I suppose I could put in a quantifier that they were the top of her game. ie Moning's straight forward romance novel game because the first two in that series are truly atrocious. The only other highlander one I fell for was the last one- Spell of the Highlander. I Still reread it, in fact.)

I dont even put The Fever series on the same playing field...

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