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Lover Unbound by J.R. Ward
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Feb 12, 2010

really liked it
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Read in August, 2008

Lover Unbound picks up directly after Lover Revealed (Butch's Story) in Ward's Black Dagger Brotherhood seris and gives us Vishous's story.

V has had a hard time of it. Basically tortured at the hands of his brutal father as a young man 300 yrs ago, he has learned to shut down any sensitive aspects of his nature in order to survive. Because of this, he requires a massive amount of control in the bedroom to receive his pleasure and is conflicted on many levels outside of the bedroom.

He longs for intimacy but doesn't know how to receive or give it. Of course that all changes when he gets shot in a battle with the evil Lessers, the band of brothers who's one goal in life is to destroy the Black Daggar Brotherhood of Vampires that he is a part of.

Literally almost dead, he is brought in to a hospital where Trauma Surgeon Dr. Jane Whitcomb is in charge of saving his life- which she does, quite efficiently.

When V overhears a conversation between Jane and the Chief of Surgeons while supposedly out cold, he makes the decision to keep her. So when the Brother's come in to clean up and take him home, he orders them bring her along.

Jane knows something isn't right with the man who came into her hospital. He has six chambers in his heart for one and seems to have a remarkable ability to recover quickly as well. Still, when she comes too after being kidnapped to the BDB compound, she's sure she's dreaming.

But as things progress, she realizes that this surreal world she's entered is all to real. She fights her captivity of course, but part of her is drawn to the unknown man who she still considers her patient. She knows what her senses are telling her cannot be real, but the scientist in her is curious. And it doesn't take her long to accept all she sees, but not without a bit of a power struggle between she and her captor.

V is of course befuddled. HE'S always needed to be in control in a relationship but this strong willed woman is luring him. Eventually he realizes he knows in his heart she is his, but he also knows that after she is done healing him, he will have to clear her memories and release her. After all, his destiny turned on a dime just before meeting her and how can he reconcile that with what he desires most?

As I said I really liked V & Jane's story.

Still the book is not without its flaws. As must know, V has been in conflict with himself over a previous obsession of his. That being of course his attraction to Butch, the cop cum BDB who quickly became his best friend.

My main issue with the book is V's sudden switching around of sexual preferences. WAY too "easy", imo. And by Sexual preferences I mean both In a bedroom antics way AND an orientation way! In the beginning he's all about being the Dom in the bedroom but with Jane he switches? Just seemed to easy, is all I'm saying.

I also thought that the talk between Butch and V was off. Men just don't talk to each other that way from my experience.

Another thing that bugged me was the breaks in action and switching of scenes so suddenly. If she would have given us V's back story up front instead of flipping to it in the middle of V & Jane's story I woulda have enjoyed this book MUCH more. She usually does this with bits about the Lessers, parts I usually skim to be honest, (and thankfully these dudes were relegated to the background in LU), but even though I was interested in V's backstory - I still found the sudden break annoying.

OH and I think the "h" in the name thing is getting kinda old too. And the brand name dropping. And the stupid Kevin Federline talk. Just- Silly.

The ending? TOTALLY confusing! Yes it made their for some dramatic ROMANTIC scenes, but in the end- it doesn't make sense.

Still, I liked it better than Butch's story and I really, really liked Jane and V together.
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