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Greater than the Sum by Christopher L. Bennett
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Feb 11, 2010

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Read from February 11 to 16, 2010

It's been eight years since I last read a Star Trek novel and I'll admit I'm a bit rusty on the particulars of where all the characters are supposed to have ended up by this point in the Star Trek timeline, but I was still able to enjoy this book. At face value this is the story of the crew of the Enterprise-E trying to do battle with the Borg (with the help of Hugh, remember him?) while also negotiating first contact with a new super intelligence. But really this was a story of family and babies. In this book Captain Picard and Doctor Crusher are married and they're trying to decide whether or not to have a baby. OK, so Picard was 58 when he took command of the Enterprise-D and this book is set 16 years later, which means he's 74 (and Doctor Crusher is 55). Seriously? They want to have a baby? It was a bit hard to swallow. I guess fertility treatment in the 24th century has gotten pretty good. But anyway, if I overlooked that point, I was able to kick back and enjoy this while giving my brain a break.

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