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Explosive by Beth Kery
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Dec 06, 10

really liked it
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Recommended for: Fans of erotic romance with a bit of suspense
Read from December 01 to 06, 2010

Pretty hot book and a decent story to boot. Beth Kery has written some of my favorite books in the past few years (Wicked Burn, Daring Time, Release), and while Explosive doesn't quite reach the caliber of my favorite, "Daring Time", it's still a very entertaining read.

To summarize: The heroine, brown-eyed blonde, classy, conservatively dressed thirty-something Dr. Sophie Gable practices internal medicine in Chicago. She knows the hero, 6'4" dark haired, green-eyed, thirty-something hunk, investment advisor (and ex-Navy demolitions expert) Thomas Nicasio, only in passing since he has offices in the same high rise as Sophie. Sophie's seen Thomas in the lobby of her medical practice, waiting for his brother Rick, who's a well known investigative reporter. Rick has been seeing a psychologist collegue of Sophie's since he's uncovered some disturbing information about his father (and Thomas's adoptive father). When the story opens, Rick and his 10 year-old son have just died a week before in a suspicious boating accident. Thomas's adoptive father, the man who took him in as a child when his own parents were brutally murdered, is being investigated by the FBI for federal crimes and there's rumors that he's the head of a Chicago crime syndicate known as the "Outfit". Thomas is devastated, and shows up at Sophie's vacation lakeside cottage, clearly traumatized and on edge. How did he get there? How did he know where Sophie was? And why go to Sophie, a woman who he was attracted to, but hardly knew except to say hello?


Sophie is shocked to see Thomas on her doorstep, looking very stressed and in shock and with a sexual intensity she's never witnessed before. She knows he's not himself, and wonders if he's been injured or if it's just the result of him being in shock over his brother's death. She wants to help any way she can--clearly Thomas needs her for something.

Ah yes, Sophie. Thomas needs you for something alright. And it starts with "s", and ends in "x". If you want to help him, you'd better be ready, because Thomas is going to need you (and your body)--a lot. And in a lot of different ways. Yes, he's very troubled, and he's suffering from some kind of traumatic amnesia--there's something his mind just refuses to accept--does it have something to do with his father? It's going to take all your doctoring skills and all you sexual skills to get to the bottom of this and to help ticking-time-bomb Thomas before he explodes. And you'd better guard your heart--once Thomas works this out, and is done using you for his comfort--will he still need you anymore? And, will being with Thomas when he's in this state of mind put your own life in jeopardy? Is danger just around the corner?

Perfect title for this book. Lots of events link back to the title. There's an explosion in the book, where the H/h almost lose their lives; the hero was in the Navy for years where he worked as an explosives specialist defusing bombs; the H/h have an "explosive" sexual relationship; and for me "explosive" is the best word to describe the hero's temperment--I felt like any minute the memories that he supressed would come rushing back and he would explode.

The story's suspense element wasn't that hard to figure out. I guessed what was upsetting Thomas and what he was supressing fairly quickly and wasn't surprised to find out that I was right. It did take a rather long time for this part of the story to unfold, though. That's because the majority of the book was about Thomas and Sophie's growing relationship. It stared out as sort of an extremely urgent sexual relationship on Thomas's part--there was just something about Sophie that called to him--he had to have her to calm himself down. If you're familiar with Beth Kery's writing, you know what you're in for when it comes to her sex scenes: very steamy, very lusty, very intense, very erotic. This one had a couple of memorable set-the-sheets-on-fire passages--one involving a hammock (still don't know how they didn't flip out of that thing), the other one an outdoor scene in the rain where Thomas urges Sophie to "Run" since he doesn't know if he can control himself...yowza! And oh yes, I'd be remiss if I didn't mention the anal scene...

Thomas and Sophie…

So to sum up, a well-written book that's loaded with some intensely steamy passages, as well as an element of suspense. Not too many surprises in this one, but still an entertaining read. If you like a tortured, sexy hero, you'll love Thomas. Thomas and Sophie, two people who both felt like they never really belonged in their families, are a good match, and you'll be rooting for them. Not quite as inventive as Daring Time, but one of Beth Kery's better efforts. 4 stars

Warning: This book contains explicit sex (including oral and anal) in some unusual locales, light bondage (some restraint), mild spanking, and the use of some sex toys. Not for the faint of heart.
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AgentScully Great review Auntee! Daring Time is my fave too but I'm always looking for one that can top it.

Ragus Great pix and excellent review, Auntee! I'm looking for my copy now!!! :o))

Yvonne Fantastic review Auntee! Wicked Burn is one of my all time favorites and I can not wait to read this book!

Auntee Thanks ladies!:)

Shawna Awesome review, Auntee! And I love the sexy pics, too! I can always count on Beth Kery for a scorching hot read, and it sounds like this is a must!

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Rane Rawr! Great Review Auntee, Going to check this one out, after I get over enjoying the yummy eye-candy of course!

Stephanie Great Review...I cannot wait to read this!

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Kristie That was a great review Auntee!!

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Tammy Terrific review! Where do you find these pictures? You can't hold out on me forever! Haha!

Auntee Thanks ladies!
LOL Tammy!:)

message 11: by Jane (new) - rated it 4 stars

Jane Stewart Great review. I love, love, love your pictures!!!

Auntee Thanks Jane.:)

MelissaB Bought it! Great review Auntee! Love the first pic, he is smoking hot!

AgentScully You beat me to it Melissa :-)

Cyn Mistress Kitty I always love your reviews and the pictures aren't bad either. LOL
Got this book free on Kindle and will be reading it soon.

Auntee Thanks Cyn--enjoy!:)

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