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Firespell by Chloe Neill
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Feb 11, 2010

really liked it
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What's the best way to describe my feelings of Firespell? Totally intrigued works really well I think. I started the book thinking 'Just a few pages, then go to bed' three hours later I'm blearily looking at my laptop clock and cursing silently. Firespell just sucked me in and wouldn't let go. Each time I came to a point where I thought it was starting to sound safe enough to put down for the night BAM utter peril for one or more characters! New unexplored regions of the school! Possible flirting action between Lily and one of the other Adepts! It was very hard to put it down.

Neill's worldbuilding is basic, but she does it well. Ancient school with gothic like structure, a whole slew of restrictions, snotty rich girls, hot guys, new city...its like a teenager's dream and nightmare all rolled into one. I've never been to Chicago, but Neill made me want to go visit (a feeling I've never had before, trust me). Its not Lily who convinces me, but her new BFF and suitemate Scout. Scout talks with passion about the unexplored side of the city that the 'Brat Pack' (snobby classmates) wouldn't dare tread. That passion is infectious.

The novel moves along at a fast rate--before you can blink Lily goes from being the new girl with ignorance to the new girl who knows things and is stuck smackdab in the middle of those things. A comparison to Twilight isn't quite fair--wherein no matter what Bella did or said she ended up being alternately adored and hunted down, Lily has to deal with petty teen pranks, friendship squabbles, boy troubles and wanting to fit in. Her and Scout hit it off right away, but on the flipside Veronica (lead Brat Pack Queenbee) alternates between trying to befriend her (in a condescending 'this is for your own good' sort of way) and lumping her in with the losers. Lily makes a bad choice and she pays for it.

Though there's a neat explanation for why Lily is a late bloomer, I have a feeling it has a lot more to do with her parents secret research then anything else. Several times the Head Mistress mentions that their research is 'important to everyone' and 'especially to me'. After hearing a lot of the secrets at St. Sophia's I can guess at some of it (though it would be a spoilery guess). The introduction to the world of the Dark Elite is action first, answers may come later sort of thing. And a lot of the answers seem to be a on a need to know basis.

On a different front I have my suspicions about Sebastian (works for the bad guys) and Jason (he works for the good guys). Nothing terribly concrete yet (I think Sebastian has all of four whispered lines? What we learn about him is from everyone else mentioning him), but suspicions. Definite heavy suspicions on why it was important to mention, at least three times, Jason's reluctant attitude about being an adult and Sebastian's seeming moral conscience.

All in all a great start to a new YA series I am eagerly looking forward to. According to Neill's site we get to look forward to Book 2 in January of 2011 and is tentatively titled 'Hexbound'.

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