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Saturn's Children by Charles Stross
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** spoiler alert ** Considering I didn't think much of The Atrocity Archives, I was unsure as to what I would think of this book. I don't mind Charles Stross' writing, I just didn't particularly find Bob's adventures in TAA to be all that thrilling. But I really quite enjoyed Saturn's Children. It's very much unlike TAA. It's quite funny in parts, but it's also quite thoughtful; what happens when humans die out and robots are the only live creatures left in the universe?

It was difficult to follow in some parts. Although it's about humanity and what defines it as such, there were some hard sci-fi areas that I had trouble following. I also found it difficult to really get into it. I suppose it didn't help that I was meant to be on holiday and for some reason I can't read while on holiday.

But aside from that, I think this is one that even non-sci-fi fans, or sci-fi-light fans could most definitely enjoy. And there's sexy sado-masochistic sex, lesbian sexy times and a very strange kind of incest. HOW CAN THIS BOOK GO WRONG?!

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