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The Pace by Shelena Shorts
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Oh my gosh! What was that? How cruel to leave me reeling like that! The ending- oh the ending. It was so heart stopping, near heartbreaking. I need the sequel now! I’m so glad I read The Pace now, instead of when it first came out. That would be pure agony to have to wait for The Broken Lake to come out! I only have to wait a few days now. Still, I need the sequel now!

Oh, what a book. What a purely brilliant, breathtaking book. It was beautiful, passionate, romantic, intriguing. I couldn't stop smiling as I read it. I loved the interaction between Sophie and Wes. It was so heart fluttering warm and lovely. The plot was thought out to perfection. It was intense and perfect. Sophie and Wes’ story was beautiful. Their love was so unique. It wasn’t one of those repeated novel loves where girl see’s boy, feels deep, immediate attraction and need, and the guy is so drop dead gorgeous the girl feels so plain and inadequate when really she’s not and is so very beautiful, and the guy has to explain over and over how absolutely perfect she is. Sophie and Wes’ love wasn’t like this. Their love was so normal. Which is why I loved it so much. It was an everyday first love, and that made it real, and so very possible. Like it could really happen to anyone- because it actually does. It happens every day. That is part of what drew me so deeply into the story, because it is real and possible. Their love was so normal, it was unordinary, because you don’t often see that type of relationships in books.

The writing was amazing. Shelena explained things so well, gave the reader the right information using the perfect choice of words. Sophie’s voice pulled me completely into her crazy story. She was such a strong, concrete character. Not weak, or dependent, or needy. She took care of herself. She didn’t let the breaking off of her one true love bring her down into deep depression. Here is a heroine that girls can actually relate to. She is so normal, (even though she really isn’t ;) and going through every day normal stuff. Having a boyfriend, falling in love, getting hurt, going on with her life. Her thoughts and reasoning’s made sense. And then there’s Wes. Oh Wes. So perfect, and yet not perfect. And so in love with Sophie. It’s so tangent. I found that as I read what he was doing to Sophie (when he decided he couldn’t be with her), I pictured in my head what he must be feeling and thinking. He must have been feeling acute pain and loss and hating that he was hurting Sophie, and his heart must have been breaking, matching the breaking of Sophie’s own heart. Their love was so romantic and dreamy. The kissing scenes, mmm, even I melted when I read them, not just the characters. lol

The plot of this story was incredible. It was so intriguing. The mechanics of what happened to Wes, what was happening to Sophie (over and over). As I got closer to the end, things started to click. Like the professor at the beginning who thought he recognized Sophie. Ding! Realization! So crazy, so cool. And then the end, when some old forgotten person from Sophie’s past came up. Creepy! My adrenaline was rushing when he stepped in. And then the ending! ARghh!!

This book was brilliant. I was astounded with the perfectness, yet the simplicity of it. This book definitely made my top favorite books ever list. I can’t stop thinking about it! I need to read the Broken Lake!
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