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Wild Magic by Tamora Pierce
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Feb 10, 2010

really liked it
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I hadn't read this book since I was perhaps 12 or 13, but for my nostalgia month I dug it out from the back of the bookshelf since, I felt, it did have a distinct place in my mind and in my book history. I bought it one summer while my family was vacationing in Oklahoma. With it I bought two other books which I feel definitely had huge impacts on my interests and reading for years. Although, Wild Magic really wasn't a part of that transformation I did like the book and read the entire series when I was a kid. Since I have already read and re-read and re-re-read both Alanna books and Jirel of Joiry many times since that fateful summer, but I had yet to revisit Wild Magic.

Re-reading this book was nostalgic for me. I remembered my feelings with the book had been that it was a bit boring and that in a way I didn't really like Diane, so I decided that as I read the novel I would try to figure why I as a kid I had these feelings.

Now, I find that assessment I made to be slightly true, I still feel that the Alanna series (I believe Pierce's first series) was much more well written and interesting. Diane's adventures seemed a little drawn out to me and her inner dialogues a bit too long. Which, is the most likely culprit for my assessment that the book was a bit boring as a kid.

My other criticisms would be that Diane's accent seemed to shift from country bumpkin to more sophisticated and back throughout the book and truthfully reading the country bumpkin parts got to be more annoying throughout the book. In fact, I found in this book even (who became) a beloved character from the Alanna series, George, had an annoying accent (which I can't remember being annoyed with in the Alanna series).

When I read the Alanna series as a kid, I could really picture myself being Alanna (especially in the first two books where she was more my age), but in the Immortals series Diane is just so amazingly unique I could never imagine myself being her. Her 'specialness' and 'uniqueness' are extolled on every page, not only can she control every animal within a two mile radius at one time, but she is also a dead eye with the bow even in complete darkness, oh and she is so modest and acts so undeserving of all these talents that no one could possibly hate her. She has virtually no enemies at all, no one really dislikes Diane, whereas Alanna had many people she had to prove herself to, or who she just had to deal with so they'd leave her alone. Diane, despite murdering an entire crew of bandits while believing she was a wolf has no human adversaries (aside from one petty girl who is only mentioned twice and leaves half way through).

This review is making it seem like I didn't enjoy the book, but I did like it. And I remember liking it more as the novels advanced. But it's hard not to compare it to the Alanna series, which is really by far the better series. When I found a friend who had similar tastes in fantasy novels with female heroes I did not recommend reading the Immortals series. In fact, I went out and bought the Alanna series for my friend as a gift so enamored was I by what the series had done to me, a feeling I hoped to share with my friend.
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02/09/2010 "This was the first Tamora Pierce book I ever read. I remember buying it in Oklahoma. I think I got it with C.L. Moore's Jirel of Joiry."

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