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Rampant by Diana Peterfreund
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Feb 09, 2010

it was ok
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I had plagued this book with prejudices from the beginning, so I probably had no business reading it in the first place, which makes this an unfair rating and review. I actually wanted to stop reading it at least ten times and never pick it up again, that would be a first for me, because I can never not finish a book even if I hated it.

I hated this book with a fiery passion. If it wasn't for my policy of finishing a book I started, then I never would have gotten to the ending, which redeemed itself some what... Enough to at least give it two stars.

**below may contain minor spoilers**

I used to have a large unicorn collection growing up and loved them. So why would I read a book about killer unicorns, I can't really say actually. Maybe I was just interested or curious to where this story would go... what I wasn't prepared for was not being okay with the concept of monster unicorns, or the detailed account of the killing and torturing of them. I love animals and I know unicorns are mythical creatures, but I wasn't okay with the message of animal torture in this book. Point one.

I thought the first half of this book was too preachy. I thought I landed myself in some really bad after-school special about teen sex. All books have some message the author wants to get across and I'm okay with that, as long as, the message doesn't dominate the story and is done subtly. What I don't like is for a message to be beaten over my head about a thousand times. Point two.

I also wasn't a big fan of most of the characters. Even if I'm not completely liking a book, if it has likable characters than I'll finish it and probably even like it. But this one, oh man, the characters were way too whiny and self-absorbed. I just couldn't stand them, to be perfectly honest. Point three.

I know, I'm being way too critical here and overly dramatic... Sorry!
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02/09/2010 "Monster Unicorns...I'm not sure how I feel about that. We'll see."
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The Holy Terror Not a good one?

Heather Not for me, but I think most other readers would probably like it. I just had a few issues with it.

The Holy Terror Ah, ok. I see what you mean after reading your review. I have a hard time reading books or watching movies or tv shows that have animals dying or in pain. Even if they're monsters! I'll probably steer clear of this one then, thanks for the review!

message 4: by Valerie (new)

Valerie So I'm guessing you won't read the rest of the Killer Unicorn series.

Heather Probably not, I'm sad to say.

Alexis Interesting point about the cruelty. I'm vegan so I'm pretty tuned to stuff like that but other then the incident with the balcony it didn't bother me. I think for several reasons. 1) they are mythical creatures so it is like killing a cyclops or the multi-headed dog of Hades 2. If an animal was a threat to mankind and to my loved ones I'd take that as an exception to my no kill rule no one human or animal will hurt those I love. 3. The main character shows issue with the experiments done on Bonegrinder by the bad guys. 4. Lastly Cory's hate towards Bonegrinder I can sorta understand though I still don't approve throwing her off a balcony. But you have to admit her uncle keeping an animal that killed her mother, baby or no, making her have it as a pet and also naming it Bonegrinder is pretty twisted. I think I'd have some unresolved issues too but I'd probably take it out on my uncle not the animal. Still I see her side. I see how you could see it the way you did too though. I'm just putting in my 2 cents :)

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