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Orcs by Stan Nicholls
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Feb 23, 2010

it was ok
Read from February 08 to 23, 2010

Everyone knows the old addage "never judge a book by its cover." 'Orcs' is a testament to this, and not in a good way. The book spoke to me from the shelf because of the fancy orc bust on the front cover, and the pink page linings. A very dapper looking collection of pages.

I read this book quickly, and for all the wrong reasons. I have a problem. If I start a story, no matter how good or bad, I must finish it, else I feel the characters are stuck, unmoving, in literary limbo.

Stryke, Coilla, Jup, Jennesta and all of Stan Nicholls' other primary characters probably deserved to be stuck there. I haven't been this relieved to be finished with a book in a long time. The characters were shallow and weak, and the storyline even weaker. Nicholls' came up with a clever idea and completely botched it. He had the opportunity to give readers insight into orcish psychology and the way an orc warband might function, but instead he just made them completely humanistic.

The 'storyline' was a cookie-cutter fantasy mold of there being five magical objects strewn about the land, which the orcs need to collect. To the bitter end the orcs have no idea what the objects do or why the need them. Every aspect of this novel is sloppily brought together at the end in a span of about twenty pages that still leaves a lot to be desired.

I'm happy to return this one to my bookshelf. At least it will look good up there, but now I need to read something I know will be really good to make up for the two completely underwhelming weeks I spent on this omnibus.

Oh, one more thing...the orcs in this book use the acronym 'AWOL' like five times in this story. Now I don't know very much about orc lingo, but I highly doubt they're throwing that term around. Paired with several ridiculous images, I draw the conclusion that Stan Nicholls' had smoked some of his orc's pellucid before he wrote several chapters of this book.

Recommendation: don't waste your time.
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