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Confessor by Terry Goodkind
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Feb 07, 2010

it was ok

Thank the Flying Spaghetti Monster that this series is finally done. I stayed with it, like a traffic jam I had invested a large amount of time in and refused to turn around and go the other way. The first few books were really good yarns, and had a hero that kept surprising me. Somewhere around book four, when we hit our one-rape-per-book average and Richard became the be-all-and-end-all-of-every-prophecy-ever-written-no-really-it's-true, I got a little weary.

I think it's telling that when the third book of this series was released, it was much shorter than the previous two volumes. Then with publishing magic, some thicker paper and playing with the font size ZOMG it's now the same size as the books before and after it. Thus, according to publisher logic, it's not some separate book written by the same author; it belongs in this series, when viewed on the bookstore shelf by the potential customer.

I mention this because none of these later books deserved to be Robert Jordan-sized tomes. And I wonder what they might have been without needing to conform to a certain size (my skepticism brought on by the cosmetic changes to the third book). I also wonder how Goodkind felt about that. If he thought he had that much story, 8000 pages worth across 11 books, then more power to him, because I remain unpublished. If he had less, then I wished he'd trusted his gut.
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