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First Drop of Crimson by Jeaniene Frost
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Warning, not too many spoilers, but enough if you haven't read it or the other Night Huntress books.

I loved this book. Even though it doesn't completely coincide with the Night Huntress books it had all of the characters I love from them in it. I love Spade. Aside from my favorite couple Bones and Cat he's probably my favorite of the characters. Even though you don't see too much of Denise after the untimely demise of her husband and that incident where Spade killed the guy in front of her it was still good to read about her and Spade. Especially since they are best friends of Cat and Bones. The grief and sadness both of them had to overcome to finally admit their feelings for each other felt so real. Not just something you read in a book. Jeaniene Frost makes you feel everything in her books. It's not just some story to read. It puts you right there in the middle of it, which is one of my favorite things about her books. They are so entrancing time has no meaning anymore when you read them. Loved the ending. Denise may not be a vampire but she was better off than being human. Actually better off than being vampire too. She's the closest to immortal any of them can claim to be. Which is all Spade really wanted. It wasn't his aversion to humans that hindered his feelings, it was death itself and how easily she could have been ripped away from him as his Giselda was so many years ago. So glad they both finally found happiness in each other. All thanks to Nathaniel being a stupid jackass so many years ago. Who would have guessed stupidity would lead to such love and happiness later?

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