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Killer Profile by Max Allan Collins
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Feb 05, 2010

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bookshelves: crime, tv-tie-in
Recommended for: Fans of the Criminal Minds show
Read on February 07, 2010

In this Criminal Minds tie-in novel, a copycat serial killer is plaguing Chicago - only instead of doing the "normal" copycat thing and copying a single killer, this particular UNSUB is paying homage to all the textbook masters (Bundy, Dahmer etc) - and Rossi ought to know - he helped write the textbooks. And it is, of course, up to our favourite BAU team to help find and stop the guy.

The things I liked about this instalment of Criminal Minds books were pretty much the same ones I liked about the last book in the series (a href=" School) Yet again, Max Collins does a good job of getting the voices for the main characters right - especially Rossi and Hotch, but the rest of the team too, to an extent. Yet again, it reads like I'm watching an actual episode of the show.

This time, though, there's much less in the way of exploration of why the UnSub is the way he is psychologically, which feels a little less true to the show than the first book did. Plus, the first half of the book seems to be falling back on the conflict cliche that the show seems to avoid 99% of the time: that of local law enforcement being incompetent and unco-operative (bear with it though - there's a plot-related reason for it!)

The other thing that's similar to Finishing School is Mr Collins' constant pre-occupation with clothes and outfits. I had a glance through other people's reviews of the books on this site, and I'm really glad to see that I'm not the only one who notices, and is annoyed by this. Seriously, I do NOT need to know what every member of the team is wearing to every briefing. Nor do I need to know what minor characters like receptionists or baristas are wearing as they interact with our BAU team. It really makes me wonder who Mr Collins thinks the target audience for his books is (or if he's maybe a fashion designer in another life) - either way, it'd be great to cut the 10% or so of the page space of this book devoted by sartorial detailing and replace it with... I don't know... maybe character information instead.

I've given this book a 6/10. It was an enjoyable, fast read (I got through it easily cover to cover in a single day), but it was just a bit of a let-down on the quality of the series, and even, to a certain extent, on the quality level set by the first book.

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02/06/2010 page 65
23.55% "Ahhhh, back in the world of Criminal Minds. Love the way the character voices are JUST right, but again with the overdone clothes updates!"
02/06/2010 page 110
39.86% "See now, the thing I love about the CM series is how rarely they fall back on incompetent LEOs for conflict. Wish this book didn't either"

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