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Thinking in Pictures by Temple Grandin
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08/05/2010 "temple grandin, you are so f**ng cool,i can't get over how cool you are."

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message 1: by Peter (new)

Peter Did you give up on Temple Grandin? I liked Animals in Translation; I haven't tried this one.

message 2: by jo (new) - added it

jo what do you mean give up? i just started! i wonder if animal in translation is better. i don't have time to read them both before classes start and i have to assign it...

message 3: by Peter (new)

Peter Oh, I thought I saw a date in February, which is probably when you marked it to be read or something. I am not bright. What is your class on, may I ask?

message 4: by jo (new) - added it

jo Peter wrote: "Oh, I thought I saw a date in February, which is probably when you marked it to be read or something. I am not bright. What is your class on, may I ask?"

disability studies, with an emphasis on the intersection between disability and queerness. it's a new subject for me so i'm reading furiously, trying to steel myself for all the fabulous things i won't be able to assign bc the semester is so short! so, how did you like Animals in Translation? anything else i should be aware of?

message 5: by Peter (new)

Peter Well, I'd recommend Animals in Translation, but I think you've probably made the right choice of Grandin for your course, since I imagine AIT probably centers on her less, and more on, well, animals. Although a lot of her discussion of animals centers on what allows her to understand them, and the differences she posits between "normal" brain function and animal/autistic brain function. And the advantages of the latter. I work with a guy who did his doctorate on animal behavior (chickens)--he's a big fan of Grandin too.

Nikki says I should mention Motherless Brooklyn. When I Forgot is interesting on mental illness--but then again, there's probably a wealth of material on that subject.

message 6: by jo (last edited Aug 13, 2010 07:14PM) (new) - added it

jo i think i'll go with this book instead. i'd love to do grandin as well, but, well, it's just a semester.

i had to stop reading Motherless Brooklyn because it was making me OCD. for real.

i'm staying away from mental illness as much as possible, since i've taught several classes on it and i'd like to move on. i'll do a little patients' rights movement, though, maybe Agnes's Jacket A Psychologist's Search for the Meaning of Madness if i can bear the hallucinations it describe without starting to hallucinate myself! it's a really great book, done little justice to by its title, IMMO.

message 7: by Peter (new)

Peter Belated thanks (I was on a pretty-much-computerless vacation) for those links. And it sounds like your course will be great, by the way.

Ellen I loved the movie. Didn't realize there was a book (it's probably better than the movie).

message 9: by jo (new) - added it

jo hahahah. it's so NOT a book that lends itself to being a movie, it's actually astounding that one should put the two together. but they have! yay hollywood!

Ellen I definitely need to read this book, then :). I did read Sacks' book some time ago & apparently just don't remember the essay he wrote about Grandin.

Did you happen to see the movie? I'm just wondering if it was even close to what Grandin wrote.

message 11: by jo (new) - added it

jo well, gradin's is not a story, really. not so far, at least (i had to pause because of other books clamoring for attention). i haven't yet seen the movie but people who love grandin say it's very good.

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