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The Last Days by Scott Westerfeld
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Feb 08, 2010

really liked it
Read in February, 2010

This book was a good book. In the book a band forms. The two people who formed the band, Pearl and Moz, were trying to catch an expensive guitar when they met. A lady was throwing it out the window. There is an interesting plague going around. People get very sick and then they start throwing their stuff away. They start hating their friends and family. They can't get out in the sun for a while. When they go out they have to wear sunglasses. You can tell that they've had their plague in their eyes. There is a beast inside the people who get the plague. The people who get the plague eat garlic and raw meat to calm the beast down. Also, in the city black water comes from the fire hydrant and rats have taken over the city of Brooklyn. The garbage is overflowing the city. All the members of the band know something about the plague. The main singer, Minerva, can bring out the worms with her singing. She got sick for a while and wasn't allowed out the house. She had to sneak out. Her parents kept her locked in her room and got her an esoterica, Luz, for her. Minerva has to sneak out on Sundays, when her esoterica goes to church, to go to practice. Minerva has to be back by the time Luz gets back. Minerva gave Moz the plague. Angels take the sick away and make them become angels. Less than two weeks before her 18th birthday she ran away. The band members are Minerva(singer), Moz(guitarist), Pearl(keyboardist), Zahler(bassist), and Alana Ray(drummer). Pearl got the band signed to a contract. The contract was singed by a guy that Pearl saw at an art show. They couldn't find a name for the band. Zahler had to change from guitarist to bassist. He really didn't want to. He didn't think that he was a good guitarist. He thought he was going to get kicked out of the band, but Pearl and Moz already had something worked out. Alana Ray doesn't even have drums. She is one of the best drummers around, but she doesn't have any. She plays on paint buckets. Pearl is very talented when it comes to music. She goes to Julliard. She can play every instrument. She plays guitar, xylophone, keyboard, and more.

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02/05/2010 page 1
0.35% "This book looks interesting."
02/06/2010 page 40
13.99% "There is a plague going around. It's causing people to do things that they normally don't do."
02/07/2010 page 120
41.96% "This band just formed. All the members of the band know about the plague. They are going to help."
02/07/2010 page 200
69.93% "The plague is causing people to become cannibalistic and crazy. There are angels who try to save the people who get the plague."
02/08/2010 page 320
100% "The band's lead singer, Min called up the worms. The worms have killed people during the plague. The band helped killed 5 worms."

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