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Your Heart Belongs to Me by Dean Koontz
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Feb 04, 10

it was ok

Your Heart Belongs to Me was my first Dean Koontz novel. I had always wanted to add a Dean Koontz book to my "reading repertoire," but never really got around to it. Truthfully, they always looked a bit too scary for me. Not scary in a fun sexy "don't take me too seriously" Charlaine Harris way. As you can tell from my bookshelves, I like that type of book. Koontz, however, seemed scary in a "leave the light on at night," "cower in the shower" sort of way.

And yet, when a friend of mine lent me this book, I decided it was high time to give Dean Koontz a try, nightmares or no nightmares. In hindsight, to get a true taste of this clearly accomplished and talented author, I probably should have started with a book of his that was a bit more well known and popular. Surprisingly, with the exception of a few pages in the final quarter of the book, Your Heart Belongs to Me wasn't all that scary . . . and I scare pretty easily.

The plot, in my opinion, took a bit too long to get started in earnest. And while, I like guessing games, red herrings, and misdirection, as much as the next gal, this tale was a bit like "the boy who cried wolf." There was so much misdirection during the first half of the novel, and the main character became so frightened and paranoid about things that ended up being nothing, that by the time he was actually in danger, I found it difficult to really be afraid for him.

Don't get me wrong, there were some things to like about this book. The writing itself in this novel is excellent. It is Dean Koontz, after all. And there are some really beautiful passages here, that elevate the book above your typical thriller. And, though wrapped up too neatly at its conclusion, the final quarter of the book is genuinely intense and fast-paced. In terms of payoff, however, I just felt it was a bit too little, too late.

But millions of fans can't be wrong right? So I guess I will have to give Dean Koontz another try sometime soon . . .

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