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The Darkest Night by Gena Showalter
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** spoiler alert ** Oh yes, I'm giving this book 5 stars, and it's mostly because of the last few pages that I'd even consider giving it 6 stars :)
"...most of the warriors had treated her with affection, ruffling her hair when they saw her, joking with her about being stuck with Maddox for eternity." - I mean is this adorable or what?? And isn't it nice that the other guys can have physical contact with the heroine without the risk of having their hearts ripped out by the hero? :)
And then there's; "When I wear it,will I be fighting to protect my virtue or fighting to take yours?" "Mine, of course." You gotta love these lines!

Back to the actual review, I really did like the way the warriors had to suffer, having to house the demons they set free in the first place in a moment of anger and jealousy, it's such a frikking good idea! And the demons, they leave no way to break from suffering, all the warriors have some serious shit to deal with, even Promiscuity who is a man's dream come true, but is allowed to have sex with a woman just once. I'd like to see him fall for a woman to see how things go. And not to mention Disease, I'd definitely love to see him fall for a woman and overcome his fatal touch problem however it'll be. I wish we didn't have to wait for this long to read his, but it seems like I'll just have to wait. Shame.

One thing that I appreciated in this series was the role and the placement of the women. I was glad to have a little break from the very possessivenss of the Brothers in JR's books, sure, here the Lords are possessive and they don't want to share and they do get jelaous and all but I saw no animal urge to rip the heart out of any other males even after they clearly tried to use the heroine as bait which eventually possibly lead to her death. That was a fresh look at couples. But then again, JR says so in the books that vampires are basicly just animals but anyway, this kinda relationship was fresh and also nice. Needless to say these two series are now my two favourites.

And while we're on the women, I loved to see that the heroine wasn't either too indisticnt or too much out there that she's way too out of character. The heroine I liked, and the other ladies along the way, especially Anya, the sarcastic and cocky yet so much likeable daughter of a goddess. As much as I wanted to read Reyes' story next I'm glad to know more about Anya and Death, they'll sure make a good couple.

So for the great blending of the women into the world of the alpha-male, and the nicely written sexy scenes, and for the poor Lords who have to contain demons whose lacks would kill them, I'm giving this first book 5 stars. A very good start to a very good series it seems.
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04/28/2010 page 28
7.49% "I really like Torin, he's got some good sense of humour :)"
04/29/2010 page 116
31.02% "Still having a bit of trouble with distinguishing the Lords' physical characteristics but I sure enjoy it!"
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57.75% "I see now why so many people like this series. I was afraid not to like the heroine/s but thank God I did. Phew."

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Leah Great review, hon! I'm glad to see you liked it so much ;)

Gokce ~Muslin Myst~ Are you kidding? I loved it! :)
And thanks for the like on the comment hon!

Leah LOL. Good! I'm glad I didn't recommend a dud to you, LOL.
Welcome, hon ;P

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